Crewlink Voice Server

Download Crewlink Voice Server and do live chat with your friends to attack the imposters >> Read the solution to fix the error.

Several Among us version has been released till now, and all of them hit the internet as all the fans of Among us are all over in the world. But since when the voice chat feature was introduced, this online game regains popularity. Mostly, the Crewlink Voice Server was first introduced by the YouTubers.

But there are some issue raise in the United States regarding the error, so let discuss more it and know how to fix the error and how you can choose the best server for voice chat.

What is the Crewlink Voice server?


It is the latest feature introduced by the Among Us. You can do a live chat with your allies. This option lets you talk with those players who are playing the game near you. Both crewmates and imposters can utilize these benefits to counter the common opponent.

The benefit you get? You can plan with your friend to counter the imposter, chat live of making an attack plan which will confuse the opponent, and then you can take the lead. You can use this feature all over the United States.

Overall it is a useful feature that makes the game more interesting, so choose your Crewlink Voice Server wisely.

Settings to prefer:

  • Map its Polus
  • Set Imposters – 2
  • Confirm Effects – Off
  • Visual Task – off
  • Common Task – 1-2
  • Short Tasks – 4-5 
  • Crewmate – 0.5x
  • Imposter – 1.5x


What are the Among us players saying about it, follow the step to install?

As we already mentioned about the Crewlink Voice Server installation issue, and that is the problem which is most of the players are facing. We will suggest some solution that you can try to fix that:

• Get .exe file, the setup file [CrewLink-Setup-#.#.#.exe]


• Install the file (Off the Antivirus, it may detect it as a Virus)

• Open Crewlink interface

• Start the game


Use a microphone to use the live chat option for clear sound; in some regions, the server may not work but solve the trouble shooting, do the proper setting, and update the application.


As mentioned above solution, you can try to get the correct Crewlink Voice Server. But there is some technical issue that most of Among us players are facing while using this feature. 

Please let us know if you are facing any issues or got it perfect in the comment section.


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