Crypto Open Patent Alliance

Do you have any idea about the crypto open patent alliance? If not, then no need to worry because we have come up with this article to solve your problem on this page.

With the advancement of technology, people want to invest more in cryptocurrency because they get a huge benefit. But patent litigation was the central problem in the usage of cryptocurrency. So Square felt a need for such an organization to help us exchange and use cryptocurrency. So they come up with this concept. Let’s understand what exactly it is.

What is crypto open patent alliance?

It is a non-profit organization that includes people and companies to encourage cryptocurrency. Their main aim is to remove the patent barriers that create a significant problem in the growth of cryptocurrency.


It was introduced in 2020 by Jack Dorsey’s Block, formerly known as Square inc., that encourages lowering patent litigation. It includes 30 members in it.

The organization thinks that the barriers can be removed if people, groups, and developers come together.


Total members: 9 members should be there, i.e., three-member work to improve cryptocurrency. They should be from the crypto group, and six members can be selected from the companies.


Fees: For revenue less than $10, it is entirely free of cost; otherwise, it is chargeable based on the revenue.

Companies joined this platform: Foundation devices, ARK, Protocol labs, verify chain, mercury cash, Carnes validates, horizontal systems, coinbase, Blockstream, MicroStrategy, request, Kraken, checks, digital gold institute, OKCoin, mempool. Space, chia, stacks, uni swap, world coin, many more.

Why is there a need for this crypto open patent alliance?

The need for Copa arises due to the following reasons, which are mentioned below:

  • Patents create a hindrance in the innovation of cryptocurrency. That’s why this concept has been introduced in the market to remove such barriers and improve the growth of cryptocurrency. 
  • However, a Crypto open patent alliance is required for defensive points of time. 
  • Still, some companies have many patents, and due to this, small companies don’t have access to cryptocurrency.
  • So there is a need for such an organization that can fulfill both parties’ demands and works together. In short, we can say that it empowers everyone in society.

Steps which you should know to join this platform:


The process is quite simple and easy to follow. Whether you are a company, a person, or an organization, anyone interested can join this platform and become a member of this organization.

You have to send an email to the concerned website mentioning your details like your company name, post, and role in the company, and you should sign a membership agreement.

The benefit of crypto open patent alliance:

There are so many benefits which are as under:

  • Any person, whether individual, company, an organization, can go for this method whether they have a patent or not.
  • Free to use.
  • You will feel safe and secure. Reduce your tension.

Terms and conditions:


Anyone can join this platform, but you should adhere to its guidelines which are as under:

  • No one should use their patents against any person. They can use them only for the defensive purpose,
  • Everyone should share a patent library which will be helpful for cryptocurrency exchange,
  • It would help if you treated the whole members as a community,

How can you withdraw from this platform?

It would be best if you wrote a written notice to the company. When you get their approval, you can make a withdrawal, and further, you will not be eligible for the shared patent library.

Final words

In the end, we can say that Crypto open patent alliance creates a solid and powerful impact on the cryptocurrency so that it can be transferred easily from anywhere else without having patent stress.

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