Dilacuna Website Reviews

If you’re here to get some Dilacuna Website Reviews, you’re certainly at the perfect place as we provide a genuine review of every website and also warn you whether the website is a scam or could be a lovable website.

We all love online shopping, we love scrolling through random things, and even if we don’t need certain things, we come across certain cute and exciting items and cannot stop our desire to order them. Online shopping has become a lifestyle for the modern generation. 

Now, let us get back to the review of the website that sells clothing and fashion materials.

What is the Dilacuna Website?


As we scrolled through the website, we found out that the website sells varieties of sweatshirts and t-shirts, sweaters and rugs, as well as bedsheets.

So we can classify that this as a website that sells clothing accessories and home appliances. Some of the products that the company sells, according to our dilacuna website reviews, are –

  • Printed sweater and t-shirts.
  • Printed mugs.
  • Bedcovers and bedsheets 
  • Rugs 
  • Blankets
  • Tumbler and much more.

The store also has special Halloween and Christmas unique products, as well as dog t-shirts.


Here are some of the specifications of the website: 

  • URL of the website: dilacuna(dot)com 
  • Contact details: Phone number – +1 (931) 219-9763; Order complaint: +1 (931) 219-9579
  • Email address: contact(at)dilacuna(dot)com 
  • Timings of customer service – Monday to Friday (9:00 AM – 18:00) (UTC – 05:00)
  • Delivery – The delivery time usually depends upon the location of the delivery.
  • Payment methods – they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. 
  • Warehouse location – 10363 Caminito Surabaya, San Diego, California, United States

Now Holidaymount.com team will provide you with detailed dilacuna website reviews.


  • The website is well designed and user-friendly.
  • The website is SSL encrypted 
  • A tracking option is available for the orders that would be placed there 
  • The company also provides refund and return policies
  • The company also provides 256 bit SSL encryption so that the card information is kept safe. 


  • The company is not very well known.
  • The prices are pretty high, and additional charges are also charged during shipping
  • Every customer is required to pay in advance.
  • The trust score of the website is only 48.6, which is questionable.

Is the dilacuna website legit?

If you want to know whether the website is legit or not, you’re at the ideal spot as we would provide you with all the details of the website and give you our opinion of whether the website is legit or is another scam. 

Although the dilacuna website claims that it wants to provide the best to its customers, they are the top print shop in the UK and US. 


Here are some of the points which helps us to find the legitimacy of the website –

  • The website’s trust score is low and is only 48.6, which is to be looked upon.
  • The website’s popularity is shallow and not visited by many users.
  • The spam score and the phishing score of the website do not show good results too.
  • Most of the orders are delayed
  • The product quality is not the same as the website claims.

Keeping these points in mind, we would certainly recommend not shopping from this store as it may be hassle-bound and the website is not trusted well. The website is suspicious.

Are any dilacuna website reviews found?

Yes, there are many dilacuna feedbacks by the users available. However, the site only shows the positive aspects of the website and the positive reviews, and we’ll try to provide you with both the positive and negative reviews of the website. 

Most of the people said that the company is not very accurate with the delivery of the products. Most of the products took a lot of time to arrive. The product quality was not as good as mentioned by the company, and the material was cheap. 


Most people also mentioned that the payment methods were not very good as they took the full money in advance. 

Still, the company website shows that the customers are happy with their orders. 


Although the website mentions that they’re one of the best in selling printing products, the Holidaymount.com team doesn’t think this would be a great site to shop from because the negative Dilacuna feedback is more than the positive ones. 

ParameterYes or No
SSL encryptionYes
Social media presenceNo
Customer reviewsYes
Trust score48.6

Here is a detailed dilacuna website reviews from our side, which shows that the website could be a scam and indeed it would be a trouble to order from this site. Also, tell us what you think of this site, and do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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