Elden Ring Xbox One

Updates! Elden ring Xbox one? Then, in that case, this article will provide you with complete details regarding it. Who doesn’t get fascinated about a new game getting launched? Elden ring is one of those games which is waited for quite a long now. But, before its launch, there came some of the technical details.

This game is getting attention from players worldwide. Though the game is not yet revealed officially, we can feel the zeal by just knowing about the platforms we can play, the gameplay theme, and much more details. So, why wait? Let us know all this information in the following sessions of this article.

What is Elden ring?

Considered one of the most anticipated games of 2022, we finally have a lot of details about Elden Ring Xbox One. While the game has been delayed to February 2022, the developer has not been quiet and has released a gameplay demo, giving Soul’s fans a glimpse at the game’s open world, combat, and multiplayer elements.

Elden Ring isn’t coming out until next year, but we now know how the highly-anticipated action RPG will look and perform on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

 It’s certainly its most ambitious, between a vast open-world, expanded character build variety, and some spiffy new features like a day-night cycle. Elden Ring is looking to expand on the audience and reputation built by the likes of Dark Souls, and everything we’ve seen so far suggests it’s got the chops to pull it off. Here’s everything we know about Elden Ring. 

What are its technical details?


On PC, Elden ring Xbox one will support resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160p) and framerates up to 60fps. The framerate limit is disappointing, but nothing out of the ordinary for the studio’s games on PC. Modder’s usually got around those limitations reasonably quickly.

Outside of that, you can expect HDR and ray tracing support on PC worldwide.


On PS4 and PS4 Pro, the game will run at 30fps. PS4 uses the standard 1080p resolution, whereas PS4 Pro has the sharper 1800P (via checkerboarding). PS5 offers two separate modes; one prioritizes resolution and the other performance. The latter targets 60fps, as you’d expect, and the former is limited to 30fps.

PS5 runs at up to 3840x2160p in both modes. HDR is supported across all PlayStation consoles, but ray tracing is limited to PS5 – available in a patch.


The split is a little wider on Xbox. Elden both new consoles: Xbox Series X and Series S, will offer a 60fps performance mode. N ring Xbox One and One X are locked to 30fps, but the former runs at 900p and the latter 4K. Surprisingly, Series S has a lower render resolution of 1440p, compared to Series X’s 4K.

Series X is also the only Xbox console that will support ray tracing when it arrives. HDR is supported on all, except the base Xbox One.

What’s the theme of Elden ring Xbox one?

It took its sweet time, but the first proper Elden Ring gameplay trailer delivered a thrilling ride through The Lands Between, the game’s sprawling open world. Split into six main zones filled with underground dungeons, plenty of bosses, and countless secrets,

The Lands Between is not only from Software’s most enormous game world yet, but it’s also its most dynamic thanks to a day-and-night cycle and expanded environment variety. You can also summon your mount at any point to get around quickly, attack from horseback, or scale great heights in a single jump, and the return of the jump button ought to make traversal even more enjoyable. There will be plenty to see and find in our quest to become the Elden Lord. 

Elden Ring tells the story of the Tarnished, who was banished from The Lands Between. With the titular Elden Ring now shattered, you build your very own Tarnished and set out on a quest for glory in the aftermath of a great war, the gods of old actively decaying all around you. 


Hopefully, we have revealed all the details about Elden ring Xbox one. The theme and the gameplay seem interesting. Let’s wait till February next year to enjoy this fantastic game. 

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