Double your line Reviews

In this article, we are going to take a look at Double your line Reviews which is about a credit card. People might need and get benefit from a good credit score for various purposes like to avail for a loan with a big amount, for emergency loans, home, and car loans, etc.

If one has a good credit score; they can have low-interest rates and it also shows that the person uses his money judiciously which is also a factor which institutions and banks look for before offering a loan to the applicant. We are going to talk about one such bank called Merrick Bank from the United States and about their credit card.

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What is

Doubleyourline is a service provided by Merrick Bank with their credit card that allows users to increase their credit line after some months if they pay their security deposit first, do not have any pending bankruptcy charges, have a social security number.

The person should also have enough income which is required for acquiring a credit card, do not have any tax issues, have a United States home address that can be verified, and are above 18 years of age. These are required to apply for a secured credit card.

Merrick Bank also offers loans of different kinds to their customers. If one doesn’t have a good credit score, they can build it again by ensuring that they pay their bills on time, do not have any previous debt, and don’t use their credit more than necessary. We can see Double your line Reviews given by the bank’s customers on their website as well.

The bank uses the FICO Score Five to estimate the credit score of the person. It includes whether the person has paid the past credit charges on time, their credit history, how much they are using their current credit, what different types of credit do they have, and whether they have opened several credit accounts in a short period of time.


  • Physical address – Merrick Bank, Old Bethpage, NY
  • Email – Not available
  • Customer care number – 1-800-204-5936
  • Category of the website – It’s a website of a bank that provides credit cards along with other services like loans for various purposes.
  • Types of credit cards – The bank offers two types of credit cards; one platinum visa card and the other secured visa credit card. A Platinum visa is offered by the bank itself if they see that one has met their standards and qualify for the platinum visa credit card. Customers have to apply for the secured visa card by themselves hoping that it will increase their credit line in some months.
  • Payment for the cards – For the secured credit card, initially a security amount has to be paid and no fee is required for the platinum card.

Pros of Double your line

  • Customers can increase their credit score after six months.
  • If one follows the FICO score five, they will not have a problem with a low credit score as the bank checks frequently on the cards and informs the customers if they are behind in certain areas.
  • Their customer service is nice; they listen to their problems and try to find a better solution.

Cons of Double your line

  • The bank charges fees for opening a secured credit card account.
  • Their annual fee ishigh compared to other banks which is something not approved by some of their customers.

What are customers saying about Doubleyourline?

Customers have given mixed Double your line Reviews about the credit card. They are satisfied with the customer service andare happy with what the bank has offered and helped with their credit score. Some customers with low credit scores who applied for the secured credit card now have a good credit line after some months.

However, there are complaints regarding how they are experiencing the reduction in their credit line due to inactivity on their account and the bank saying that they will close that account completely after 1 month. Also, the customers say that the bank doesn’t give any prior warning regarding the same and this affects their score afterward.


After looking at Double your line Reviews, it seems that customers are helped with their credit line if they wait for some months and pay their credit fees on time. Although some other users did not benefit due to inactivity and their credit line was again reduced to a low amount and they also faced the closing of their accounts.

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