Dr Clean Spray Reviews – Is it Worth to Buying ? 2022

What are the dr clean spray reviews? Considering it is one of the best dis-infect spray, what are its side-effects and benefits. Read user feedbacks.

Nowadays everyone carries a sanitizer with them. It becomes the regular necessity of people who we mostly been outside. Naturally, after seeing the whole craze for this product, they are various owners Available who are start innovating with such things.


Dr clean spray is also another innovation in sanitizer brands. There are different facts available about sanitizer. We gathered everything about their pros, cons specifications, and what made them a little different from others. In this article, you get a lot of things to explore.

What is dr clean up spray?

To know everything about dr clean spray reviews, we need to start with the vase of dr clean up spray. This is a moisturizing sanitizer brand. Where all sanitizer made our hands dry, this sanitizer provides the moisturizing element in our hands. 

This has essential moisturizing elements in this sanitizer, and it is available in a rich alcohol base. However, this sanitizer is only available on the official site of this dr clean up the platform. No other e-commerce sites are offered this to sell.


The social media presence is not so good. Thoughts share regular updates about their product, but not many followers follow them. Even there are no reviews and comments are available, which can make it trustworthy. Only a handful of remarks are available.

The official website is designed well, but not all information is correctly described on their platform. Let’s reveal all available ingredients in this sanitizer.

What are the ingredients available in this product?

In this dr clean spray reviews, we also shared a different list of all available ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin 
  • Ethylene alcohol 


  • Type of product – a hand sanitiser
  • URL of the store- https://www.mygeisha.ro/
  • Quantity 100 ml
  • Cost- 1800 RON
  • Storage temperature – 5 to 25 degrees
  • Presence of ethyl alcohol -75%


  • The hand sanitiser uses Aloe Vera, a skin-friendly ingredient to moisturize the hands.
  • The product is available on social media platforms.
  • It provides proper care to our hands by recovering the damaged skin.
  • Rinsing of indicators are not required aft applying the sanitiser
  • 10% discounts are available by purchasing the product from the official site.


  • Any individual does not share dr. Clean Spray Review till now.
  • If you touch your eyes after using the spray, the chances of irritation are there.
  • Moreover, the sanitiser is not suitable for the children as it is flammable.
  • The hand moisturizing spray is presented by My Geisha that was registered on 7 January 2018.
  • Dr. Clean Spray Review is not found on trusted platforms like Amazon and Trustpilot. Only the official site has shared the views of buyers.
  • No ratings and stars are given to the product.
  • My Geisha is a popular website on a social media platform and shared the post of the spray.
  • The product details are shared well on the portal.
  • You can not visit other shopping sites too for purchasing this item.

How to use it?


The instructions of usage are equally important, like dr clean spray reviews. To apply this hand sanitiser, you have to remove accessories from your hands. So, first, make sure you must dry your hands properly. Now pour some gel on your palm and rub it all over your hands for complete evaporation. It’s simple and easy to use the spray.

What are the dr clean spray reviews?

The product has not received any comments from its customers. The Facebook and Instagram accounts of My Geisha have shared the post, but sadly less than a hundred viewers have liked it. Besides its advantages, people are not interested in adding it to their carts.

Even the portal has shared only five positive comments. But are these feedbacks real? Well, we don’t suggest you rely on these reviews as, during the research, we found no such statements online.


There are more fraudulent activities available about this product. And the handful of comments which are available on their social media is also suspected as fake. We mark it as a fraud company with a 10% trust score.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 10% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion No   

We found the most negative things about dr clean spray reviews; we marked it as a fraud company, and please keep avoiding it. No comments and reviews are available properly. Those who are available are suspicious. Now, the end decision is on you.

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