Bdsp Elite 4 Rematch – How do I rematch BDSP?

How to win the bdsp elite 4 rematch? You have to choose your pokemon wisely to counter the opponent in a rematch. To know how read full article.

If you are a pokemon lover and have won the bdsp elite 4 match one, you can go further to win the next level. This article will help you understand how you can go through with the following levels; members included in a rematch and others.

About Bdsp elite 4?

Bdsp (Briallnt Diamond shinning pearl) is one of the upcoming games that has been launched in the Pokemon League game. Here you will find a lot of pokemon trainers where you can develop strategies to fight against other pokemon. (Please continue reading to know the tips to win in a Bdsp elite 4 rematch)


You have to complete the first match and proceed to the next level. When you are declared a winner in bdsp, you proceed further for playing the rematch at any time. You will find a door, enter into it.

In the rematch section area, you have to deal with the same team just; the game level has increased, so pick your pokemon wisely. The objective of this game is to earn the eight badges of the gym and get the winner of the Sinnoh region.

How to play Bdsp elite 4 rematches?

The process is very simple as firstly you have to go through the official website. Enter through the door where you can fight for a bdsp elite 4 rematch:

  1. Suppose in your game if Headtran has been defeated, it means that you should be strong to stay in the game because it is one of the most challenging matches to win. Pokemon abilities are increased, and they have potent moves on. So, you should take extra caution.
  2. Every pokemon has different moves abilities, so players should prepare themselves for several changes. 
  3. Once you have finished the match and won, you will be eligible for the next level.

Members in “Brillant diamond shining pearl”?

Aaron: It is surrounded by nature pokemon, the bug pokemon. Aaron has so many abilities; rocking moves is one of the strongest parts useful for a second rematch.


Here, we will describe some Aaron Pokemon under Yanmega that has Speed boos wire glasses. In contrast, in Aaron, Drapion has Sniper, Scope Lens items, Heracross has rock and earthquake moves, and Vespiquen is a Power gem.

These pokemon have more than 70 levels, weak against fire rock moves. So keep in mind the most vital and vulnerable point of Aaron’s pokemon while playing rematch.

Bertha: Bertha has the ground characteristics. Some of its pokemon have water grass features as well.

Let’s look at bertha’s pokemon Whiscash. It is used for earthquakes, grounds, Hippowdon has Crunch, rest, earthquake, rindo berry held items, Rhyperior includes double edge, thunder fang, lastly Mamoswine having an earthquake, double edge never melts ice saved items.


Above mentioned pokemon are used for Bertha, the specialty of the ground member. Hope you will use these pokemon as per your defended fight. 

Flint: Is known for the fire attackers. Their specialty is attacking fires. Steelix has steel, Rapidash has fire poison, Lopunny has cute charms leftovers, Infernape is used for fire and fighting.

Lucian: On the other hand, Lucian has a mixture of physic types, light clays, and many more. Let’s check out the pokemon used in it.

Mr. Mime: Used for light clay, psychic, reflection, Bronzong has moves of an earthquake rock slide, Gallade: close combat, gyro ball, Slowbro: Leftovers, regenerators, scales, slack off, Alakazam: Magic Guard, Life orb.


Cynthia: Cynthia is skilled in ghost movements. It helps to darken the room so that no one can see you. Togekiss has a lot of abilities like Aura sphere, leftovers, thunder wave, gleam, Milotic is good at Marvel scale, flame, ice beam, recovery, Garchom having Swords dance, rough skin, yache berry, earthquake moves. 

Gastrrondon is used for water and ground, and Lucario has fighting, steel, nasty plot. To win bdsp elite 4 rematch, players have to shuffle their pokemon according to the situation demands.

Final verdict

While winding up this article, we can say that the bdsp elite 4 rematch gives you a chance to turn the table on your side. But we are sure that you love those challenges and can earn rewards to redeem the prizes in this game.

Please share your experience with us whether you successfully counter the rematch or not. 


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