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Fabbona3d com Reviews By 500+ Customers ??


Read all the information regarding Fabbona3d com Reviews >> also know what the customers are saying about it.


An online store is convenient for all those buyers who don’t have enough time for shopping or those who want multiple products at one spot. Few other options like free home delivery, EMI, and discounted price make it more preferable for a buyer. In this article, we will talk about Fabbona3d com Reviews.

The website is registered in the United States and sells various products related to clothing and shoes. There are several websites where you can purchase multiple products, but it is crucial to inquire about the website from which the order is placed.

What is

Advertisements is a website that sells different varieties of shoes, such as casual, boots, running shoes, and also some special items like hoodies, blankets, and zip-up hoodies. The product is made of high-quality products according to the website.

The website also delivers other countries apart from the United States. You can also check the address if the delivery is available. You can also call the customer care number if you have any query, you can also change the shipping address and product within 24 hours.


  • Physical Address – Physical address is not available on the website
  • Customer care number – No data regarding the number is available on the website
  • Category of the website – The firm deals on selling various types of shoes like casuals, long boots, sweat leather boots, running shoes, hoodies, blankets
  •  Fee method – Support all primary online payment systems like PayPal, AMEX, JCB, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and Diner Club. 
  • Delivery time – The delivery time is around 4-7 days if you order shoes, and those who order blankets and hoodies or any fashionable items will get the delivery in 10-20 business days; for premium products, it takes 20-35 business days
  • Return of the product – You can return the product if you don’t like it within 30 days of the purchasing time
  • Method of Delivery – No information regarding the process of shipping available on the website

Pros of

  • The website sells several types of products at one spot; you can also change the product 24 hours before delivery.
  • The website is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the product
  • Again, you can return the product if you don’t like or unsatisfied with the work; you can return it within 30 days.
  • After purchasing the product, the website will send you the tracking id within 48 hours by which you can trace the product 
  • You can also return the product if you received any damaged or wrong product.

Cons of 

  • The site has bunches of defects that make it dubious when we ran over Fabbona3d com Reviews 
  • They don’t have an SSL authentication, which is an unquestionable requirement for any web-based business site since it secures the site from any middleman. 
  • The site doesn’t have any social media presence, definitely not a decent sign in client audits. 
  • The site isn’t having any external links. 

Is the website legit or not?

It is essential to know that the website is genuine or not; people often don’t check the product feedback and purchase the duplicate product. To find out the legitimacy, we check all the details over the internet. 



When we visited the website, we found a blank white page on the front with two options at the top right corner one is for Track item, and the other is of Help. No information apart from these two options is available. We think it is not a legit website.

  • SSL Encryption: No
  • Social Media Presence: No
  • Website Age: One month

What is the customer saying about the

Customer satisfaction is one thing that you should always check because it confirms the legitimacy and quality of the product and website. This website is not having any social media presence, and we found no satisfying Fabbona3d com Reviews. All the reactions post by the buyers in the comment section shows the website is a scam.



No information regarding the website is available, and people should avoid this website.


We research every point of aspect about the website and found nothing that can satisfy us to give it a thumbs up. There are no positive Fabbona3d com Reviews, you can read the customer reviews below in the comment section. The webpage is also blank. We will suggest you avoid this website and do not purchase anything from it.


You can also send us your thought on this website in the comment section below.

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23 thoughts on “Fabbona3d com Reviews By 500+ Customers ??”

  1. Thanks for sharing Fabbona3d com Reviews, I am repeat customer of Fabbona3d com. I had buy lot of products for my house from Fabbona3d com and i am really very happy with their servers and best price deal. Their products are in high demand in the market. nice experience

    1. Thanks for the information, i was almost thr to place the order, now it is confirm that Fabbona3d com is not a legit website, also thanks to for sharing the reviews..

  2. I paid $80 plus for a blanket!! And now I can’t find the company to get my blanket or my money back !!!! I DON’T HAVE MONEY TO GIVE AWAY!!! !!!

    1. Sorry! We dont have any contact information about this website, but thanks for your comment, our other visitors will get help from your review.

  3. Carol Ann Rollins

    I found the same thing online. A blank home page, no info at all. It came up on my phone as an ad for a blanket, quilt, etc. I was ready to order it, but checked on my desktop computer first and became suspicious of this site. Thanks for the info. I’m glad I didn’t fall for this scam.

  4. I purchased a throw that looked like a personal letter for my Respiratory Therapist daughter! She works on a Covid unit! This was to be a special gift!!! It never arrived! Don’t buy here a scam! FACEBOOK should not run scam ads!!!!!

  5. I ordered a blanket and didn’t know scams sites could be allowed on fb. I am very sad because the blanket was supposed to be a gift to my daughter for Christmas. They sent me a message saying it has been shipped, I still have not recite anything. I tried to look up info about my tracking number and it didn’t help me at all because it was all in a different language. I don’t see anywhere to call and find out about my purchase. I feel very upset for being scammed during these Covid times, I thought it would be safer to buy online since it’s difficult to go out lately. I feel concerned they have my personal information. I am a single parent and can’t afford to be ripped off. I think the people who do these scams should be ashamed of themselves and pray for their karma

  6. Carol Shropshire

    I tracked my throw and it was shipped out on the 25 th of Oct. I haven’t received it yet. Where is it? My order number is 6542374232415 my tracking number is LY535256084CN
    please help me out in tracking my blanket

  7. I ordered a daughter quilt and am disappointed in the quality. I wrote to customer service requesting instructions to return the item and the response received said they do not issue refunds for dissatisfaction. What made me uncomfortable after the order is that at no time when placing the order does it indicate it’s coming from China. I felt scammed. I’ll write to my Attorney General for next steps.

  8. I bought a blanket on 10/29/20. They emailed right back and said it would be sent out in a week. Even gave me the tracking number. I paid 77.94 for the blanket to give to my wife. Why is Facebook allowing grad on there website. How can I get my money back. Will Facebook pay us back. Any help?

  9. On October 4th I ordered 2 blankets for my daughters for just under $150.00. I have an order number but nothing else and I haven’t heard from them since October 5th. These were really special for my girls, something to wrap themselves in when I am gone. I only have a few more months left before this damn cancer takes me away. I hope Lady Karma pays these people a visit very soon,.


    1. Nikki Abraham
      December 15, 2020 At 1:11 pm
      Absolute scam site I ordered 2 blankets for my daughters after waiting 3 months I then said I’m going for full refund and remarkably it shows up at post office within 2 days after being held at Shanghai airport since oct.
      I receive a note from Royal that there holding parcel.
      I go to collect had to pay an extra £15.15 when I opened it there was only one. Why has Facebook not taken this site off it has been reported several times??????? I’ve contacted PayPal to retrieve refund as I can’t give to only one daughter

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  11. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! This company, which they are not, charged my account $107.90 for a queen size quilt. They continued to send e-mails on the 2nd, 4th, and 6th stating I would receive a tracking number within 2-3 days from the last e-mail on the 6th which never came. You cannot track purchase using the Oder #3099449714804. There is no website for Fabbona3d! DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM.

  12. Ordered a blanket for my wife for our 50th wedding anniversary coming up Dec 19, and have not received anything, I was very excited about giving her this blanket, now I have nothing for her.

  13. Absolute scam site I ordered 2 blankets for my daughters after waiting 3 months I then said I’m going for full refund and remarkably it shows up at post office within 2 days after being held at Shanghai airport since oct.
    I receive a note from Royal that there holding parcel.
    I go to collect had to pay an extra £15.15 when I opened it there was only one. Why has Facebook not taken this site off it has been reported several times???????

  14. Amy Prowant-Kretzmar

    I ordered my daughters both a blanket on October 24th, and here it is, December 21st, and they STILL aren’t here. I am sick to my stomach that I lost that much money during these trying times. I have learned a VERY valuable lesson, and a VERY expensive one too.

  15. I purchased a blanket on 10/23/20. Still has not arrived. I sent the company an email and they came back with “due to COVID” BS! I translated the tracking information and discovered the location where the blanket was supposedly made is known for having several Chinese sweatshops producing items. The company has a Delaware address; which is probably a storefront for some sleezy “import/export” scam. AMEX reimbursed my cost without a problem. Best to NEVER buy anything that is selling on Facebook. My wife was touched by the thought, but still told me to stick to jewelry.

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