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Are you looking for feat clothing reviews? In this article, we will give all the information about this clothing website. In this post the information provided in this blog is unbiased and genuine.

Millions of websites claim to give us what we want, but not all are authentic. Hence, whenever we purchase online, we make sure it is the best. Feat clothing website offers various clothing apparel for men and women. It is operated from the United States. We will now quickly take a look at the website below.

What is featclothing.com?

It is a website that sells tracksuits for women and men. The clothing includes hoodies, bottoms, tracksuits, joggers, shirts, T-shirts, crewnecks, and gift cards. The material used in the process is super soft. 


The website ships all over the United States and uses recycled material to keep the environment clean. Let us see some feat clothing reviews.

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  • If you are a new user, you can avail 22% discount on your first order. 
  • Use code- 22FORYOU.
  • You can shop above $100 to avail of free shipping. 
  • The website offers crewnecks, hoodies, joggers, shirts, shorts, gift cards, etc. 

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  • Physical address- Not available 
  • Contact details- 13238942212
  • Text number- 1-323-676-0640
  • Email address- info(at)featclothing(dot)com
  • Shipping charges- extra 
  • Shipping countries- The United States 
  • Mode of payment- Visa, MasterCard, apex, discover, PayPal 
  • Launch date- 6 years from now
  • Return policy- You can return the item within 14 days of purchase 
  • Refund policy- After inspection of the item, refund is processed 
  • Warranty- 24 months warranty available for all products


  • The material used to make clothes is very soft. 
  • The company provides quick and fast delivery services to the customers.
  • Recycled material is used to make the products.
  • No carbon footprint initiative.
  • The company provides 24/7 customers support via text and call
  • The website has got a great trust score. 
  • The customer’s ratings were excellent. 

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  • The website is not verified by SSL encryption.
  • Identity of the owner is hidden.
  • A domain is not optimized for search engines.

Is featclothing.com legit?

With deep research and analysis, we found this website legitimate. The website has some points which prove our declaration. Let us see h what they are- 

  • Trust score- The trust score for the website is excellent and super satisfactory, which clearly states that we can shop from it, and half of the doubt is cleared.
  • Feat clothing reviews- The reviews by the customers are available on their website. And the star ratings are also satisfactory; hence we declared this site authentic.
  • Domain age- It is an old website and has been in customers’ eyes for 6 long years. 
  • The renewal date of the website- The website will renew on 24/04/2025, which indicates it is a safe website to use. 
  • The contact details- we found genuine contact information provided by the company.
  • The website is popular among other websites.

We have mentioned all the points which make this site legitimate. We hope you are satisfied with the above declaration after reading these points.

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Feat clothing reviews

Whenever we purchase from the Unknown website, we make sure what other users experience. Hence, we lookout for reviews. But, with featclothing.com, only a few reviews are available on the web. 


Although the website has a feedback section, you will find all praises there. We all know that we cannot trust such reviews. 

After long and deep research, we found that the website has received 3.7 stars from the customers. The customers praised the quick delivery of the company. We could find that a few of the users complained that the refund policy was slow.


Concluding, we found mixed feat clothing reviews by the customer but received decent ratings from the shoppers. We have given all relevant details about the website and concluded the article. We found this website to be authentic and legitimate; if you are not satisfied with our declaration, you are free to do your research. 

If you have ever shopped from featclothing.com, share your reviews with us in the review section below.

Trust scoreSatisfying
SSL encryptionNot Verified
Customer’s reviewReviews available
Social media presencepresent

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