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Are you looking for some trustworthy article on Florey.accurx legit? There are several fake reviews available on the Internet these days. It is confusing to remark a website as a scam or legit based on various opinions. But here, we came up with an actual review of this site after deep research. No worries! Please go through it, and you all can get a clear idea about it. 

Here we present each detail about these particular features in a concise manner for a clear insight view. We describe what this website is all about specifications, pros, and cons, their legitimacy score, user’s honest review, etc. 


All this info is essential to make our research strengths and help you to get a clear idea. 

What is Florey.accurx? 

Florey is a sub-feature of the accurx desktop system. This is a pre questionnaire feature to treat patience via online mode. There are hundreds of kinds of preset questionnaires of various kinds of illnesses and health issues

You need to send it to your respected patient and tell them to fill it up according to their problem. And send it back to you.


 Here we mention some questionnaire formats below;

  • COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Questionnaire
  • Smoking Questionnaire
  • COVID-19 Triaging Questionnaire
  • Alcohol Consumption Questionnaire – AUDIT-C
  • COPD Questionnaire-MRC
  • Asthma Questionnaire
  • BMI Questionnaire
  • Flu Vaccine Invite

Lets find out whether florey.accurx legit or not in the below section.

How to send a questionnaire to a patient?

  • Firstly, you need to set the Florey feature on your accurx desktop.
  • Then, you need to click on that feature.
  • Enter the respected patient id in the receiver portal.
  • Now, you need to select the decent questionnaire for the patient.
  • Please fix it, and press sends option.
  • And directly, your patient receives it correctly for a fill-up.


  • Contact Number details: You need to contact the accurx company regarding Florey.
  • Email address details: supportflorey@accurx.com. 
  • Category: Online check-up questionnaire.
  • Company name: Sun portal of accurx desktop.
  • Service providing area: All over the US and some related sites.


  • Authorized by a trustworthy company.
  • Some valid certificate related to software is available. 
  • Automated features and functions made the process much smoother.
  • The present questionnaire made each online examination easy for both doctors and patients.
  • All contacts details are valid and authentic.


  • Sometimes doctors are unable to found the actual illness in the patient via it.
  • Many patients are filling this questionnaire in the wrong way.
  • Some technical issues can also hamper the process of check-ups in this online mode.

Is Florey.accurx legit?


Yes! According to us, this feature is entirely legit. But for your guidance and mental satisfaction, we sum up some adequate evidence of our research for a trustworthy and insightful view. Go through this point attentively.

  • A valid SSL certificate is issued for the actual authority. Your private data and info are safe in their hands.
  • This feature is a sub-feature of a well-known brand. Brand loyalty matters. There are thousands of people who trust this brand for years.
  • They ran their business for the past twenty-two years. This period is not a short one. It covered almost three generations in it. 
  • There are numerous kinds of positive reviews available all over the Internet.
  • We remark it with a 95 percent of trust score. 
  • All social media handles are genuine, with workable links.

Hopefully, now it is clear, right? We consider it a complete legit feature with ninety-five percent of trust scores out of a hundred percent. You can trust this feature for a reliable check-up for your clinic.

User’s opinion and reaction about this feature?

Florey.accurx legit? We spot thousands of doctors and patients showering only good words about this service. Accurx came up with such a great innovative idea to help doctors and patients through a reliable questionnaire method.


Dr. Arthur said, “This feature is beneficial to us for getting all the patient’s problems and treat them well according to their problems and health issues. We appreciate such new and innovative ideas which decrease some pressure from our side.” 


ParametersAvailability Status
Trust score95%
SSL certificateYes
Customer’s reviewYes
Social media presenceYes

Hopefully, you have a better picture of the products of this website now. Here are all the brief details. According to us, you can trust this feature without any worry or tension. It will serve its best service to you.

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