Fnf Week 7 Unblocked

When we talk about games, the Fnf Week 7 Unblocked is on top trends. many ears rise to listen more about them. There is n number of varieties introduced in the world. In this article, we will talk about such a game that intends an entirely different scenario. We will gather the information about Fnf Week 7 Unblocked and find out more facts about it.


The most attractive part of the game is that the music plays a vital role in it. You can call that music is the game in this case. This game is addictive and complete fun for music lovers. This is the reason it got famous. This is a story mode game with multiple levels to cross and use the help of music.

What is FnF?


FnF stands for Friday Night Funkin. FnF week 7 unblocked is about the 7th-week update. This is a rhythm game going viral nowadays. In this game, there is a boyfriend who is immensely indulged in a relationship with a girl.

The game’s twist is that the girl’s parents are demons, and to survive the relationship with his girl, the boyfriend has to battle with her family.

This battle will not happen like other battles. It does not contain any weapon but talent. There will be rap battles against the enemies that are her parents.


There is also character design involved in the game and many other features that make the game enjoyable. The people fond of music and dance will find this game worth playing.

More about FnF Week 7 Unblocked

This game has a weekly pattern in which new songs will be added to the game every week. Week 7 introduces three songs- Ugh, Stress, and Guns. The character will have to defeat some other characters in the game with the battle of rapping and singing.

Some of the features are mentioned below-

  • The developers of this game are Newgrounds.
  • It was launched in Nov 2020 for PC/Laptop
  • The players can choose the difficulty level from easy, medium, or hard
  • With the game, the difficulty increases with the increase in the number of arrows
  • The patterns in the game change and get more complicated with the speed
  • The game is available for free to download and play for the players
  • It has cool boy visuals for the characters from the 90s
  • The Original music has the influence range from nu-jazz to Vocaloid dance beats
  • It also has an attractive career mode along with many unique character figures

How to play this game?


FnF week 7 Unblocked is not an easy game but also not a difficult one on the other hand. Once the boyfriend and girlfriend start defeating the other characters in the game, they have to walk into the Military zone where the boyfriend does not have to battle John’s captain, also called Tankman.

In the weekly updates, the server is now facing issues during the new week. The players are not much happy with the ongoing issue of the game.

The main problem is that FnF week 7 is not accessible to the players. The gamers are waiting for unblocking of this new part.  

What are the reviews about week 7?


As the version is locked for the players. The players are waiting for the update to unlock very hard. This is up to the developers now to resolve the issue for the players. Although, the players have become addicted to the game. 

The game has a rating of 7 out of 10 that is 70% of people liked the game and enjoyed playing it. It also has 4.8 stars out of 5 that is again remarkable. This review can help us in understanding the popularity of the game just in a couple of months.


This combination of the music and game activities has made players gone crazy about the game. We have gathered all the information found everywhere on the Internet in the above article.

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