Now you can get all paid live TV channels for free? Know our article on Ogboot.com {20′ April 2021} and find out more info. Read user reviews.

Every country has different rules and different implementations. There are many apps, websites, and servers available or banned in so many countries. There are also a lot of people looking to find the banned stuff somehow and use it. In this article, we are going to discuss a website that helps with the tweaked apps. The name of the website is Ogboot.com.



This website is also accessible to the United States and Australia. The makers were clever enough to know the requirements of the world and provide them with the tweaked apps. We will try to collect everything found on the Internet in this one article. First, let us understand the concept of the tweaked app for a better understanding of the website.

What is a tweaked app?

Many apps are launched, but they cost something if the user has to download it and use it, or there may be some feature in the apps that are locked and needs to be purchased to unlock the same. The apps banned in any region also comes on the list. 

The tweaked apps are the unlocked versions of the original apps. In simple terms, the tweaked app is a shortcut of the original app that does not have any lock, and the users can use it as much as they can.

What is Ogboot.com?


This website is a platform of tweaked apps. This site claims that it has all the trending apps unlocked. The users will find every favorite paid app free on the site. 

This is hard to believe, but the same is whether it is possible to tweak such trending apps so quickly and provide them for free to the users. The users from the United States and Australia are seeking the truth if it is really useful.


  • Product sold: Tweaked apps
  • Social media link: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Date of registration: 15th March 2021
  • Maker: No data found

What did the website contain?

When the person enters the URL of the website Ogboot.com, the only page consists of a search bar to search the application, 3 social media links, and a list of unlocked apps available to download. 


Some of the names of the apps available on the website are given below:

  • YouTube premium
  • Netflix premium
  • TikTok
  • Spotify
  • Xbox codes
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pokemon Go
  • Faceapp Pro++
  • Pixel mon
  • Minecraft
  • Playstation
  • Facebook
  • Etc

There are many apps, and anyone that visits the website will find any helpful app on the page itself.

How to download the apps from the website?

There are a few steps before the download starts. The following are the steps:

  • Visit the website and select the app to download
  • The user has to choose the version of the usage between Android or iOS
  • After selecting the version, the user can see the download starts
  • There will be either an automatic or a manual verification performed by the website


  • A good collection of games and apps are available
  • The website is SSL certified
  • No details asked while using or downloading the apps
  • Search bar to search the required app


  • No information on the makers of the app found
  • It is providing illegal stuff as tweaking it not allowed
  • The social media links are fake and not redirecting anywhere but a blank page
  • Trust score reflects too low
  • Very young domain age 

Is this website legit?


Speaking of the website’s legitimacy and looking at the facts, we are not sure about the legitimacy. The trust score of Ogboot.com is 1% that low enough to ignore such websites. 

Also, the tweaking of the apps is not legal, and there is no mentioning of the maker or the owner of the website that is also a negative point. We would suggest being careful before using such websites.


There are a lot of risky websites in the world with all types of attractive charms. We would suggest being aware before using any website or application, even if there is no money transaction involved. 

We have summed up all the information found on the Internet in the above article. We would like to know more about the thoughts of our readers after reading the article.


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