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We are here to provide our readers a detailed Freeletics review. This write-up will highlight all about this new fitness application, how it works, the customer review is worth subscribing to, and a lot more. This article will be unsponsored and unbiased, and all the information provided here is written with lots of research and analysis. 

Fitness has now become a major part of human health. We have encountered that the fitter people are more proactive than the clumsy obese ones. But, as the era is revolutionizing, fitness awareness is spreading roots into the whole world. We have witnessed so many workout applications to help get the pace of life back and become proactive. 

Freeletics is one such application with customized workouts available as per your subscriptions. This application is designed for those struggling to hit the gym every day. Freeletics is operated from the United States. 

Let us see some more details and Freeletics review about the website.

Application available (iOS/Android)

Freeletics is a wellness application that offers successful bodyweight exercises at home. The exercises are AI-driven, which implies that the calculation will adjust to your wellness level and foster a custom exercise program with changed trouble over the long haul. 


The application is incredible for clients hoping to get conditioned and increment their wellness sturdiness. (You are reading:Freeletics review)

The Freeletics application has two applications – one devoted to exercises and the other is sustenance-based. Clients can prefer both.

How does Freeletics function?

When initially preferring Freeletics, the application gives you a choice to step through an actual exam that will decide your general wellness level. This will fill in as a beginning stage for your custom program later on. 

The test is complex and exact to the point of getting you rolling. Assuming the exercise plan is excessively intense or simple toward the start, you can, without much of a stretch, adjust it as you come.

When beginning with Freeletics, the client should lay out an objective. As of now, there are three objectives accessible:

  • Get in shape – consolidate fat-consuming activities like HIIT, Tabata, and stretch preparing. These are demonstrated to be profoundly powerful with regards to consuming fat;
  • Acquire muscle – here you’ll get obstruction preparing to enact the muscles. It tends to be bodyweight-engaged or fuse loads;
  • Remain dynamic – appropriate for individuals hoping to remain fit with standard exercise.

Freeletics Workouts

The larger part of the exercises is HIIT-based done at the greatest speed so that you will pursue expanding your perseverance. The exercise length additionally shifts depending upon how quickly you’re doing your reps. It very well may be anything from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


You can likewise pick how long you need to prepare and note down on the off chance that you have any actual restrictions or then again to fuse runs or runs into your preparation program. (You are reading: Freeletics review)

Moreover, Freeletics has a solitary exercise span highlight where you can deal with a solitary exercise like push-ups or squats and rehash it repeatedly. An illustration of this is doing 20 push-ups as quickly as possible. It’s a great method for changing your preparation for better outcomes.

Exercise programs shift between 6, 8, or 12 weeks in length. A large portion of the exercise programs are sans loads, yet there will likewise be some obstruction preparing accessible on the application for building muscle. 

For those, you would require gear like a draw-up bar, free weight, and rack and seat.


At the hour of composing this Freeletics review, the preparation application costs $11.99 every month or $74.99 per year. There are a couple of exercise schedules clients can go after free, yet these are, for the most part, made to get to know the application and its connection point.

Without moving up to premium, you will not have the option to utilize Freeletics and their well-known AI mentor appropriately. The free form gives you just admittance to a portion of their “signature exercises.”


Concerning kinds of memberships, Freeletics has three sorts of participation accessible:

  • Preparing;
  • Sustenance;
  • Or then again preparing and sustenance together.

Everyone is either three months, a half year, or a yearlong. The costs vary from one country to another because of the money change. The third pack accompanying a preparation and nourishment plan is the costliest. 

Clients need to download a different application to get to the Freeletics Nutrition application.

What do you get for the freeletics price?

Freeletics premium provides instructions to their AI mentor and puts you through an actual test to decide your present fitness level. 

Your AI mentor will make your custom preparing project and begin keeping tabs on your development from that point forward.

Later every exercise, you should rate the difficulty level; subsequently, this will change your next exercise and acclimate to your advancement.

Is Freeletics Worth It?


Freeletics provides a fitness routine as per the customer’s requirements. Hence, we would recommend this application to our readers. If you strictly follow the application, you can get the desired results as per your choice. The Freeletics review by the users was good as well.

We have seen that the website is legit and safe to use. The social media presence is available, and we have encountered great United States traffic on their website. It is a great application to start your fitness journey.

Freeletics Review 

We have seen a good customer rating for the application. The application has received 3.8 stars from customers from different cities. 

Generally, there are positive highlights witnessed for the company. However, some are not satisfied with the prices. 

If you do not have time to hit the gym, you can get this subscription and do the gym-based workouts at home.


In Conclusion, the freeletics review was found satisfactory. We have seen all the basic details about the application in this article. We hope that all your doubts are cleared. Still, if we missed any information, let us know in the comments section below.

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