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Are you wondering for maelys cosmetics reviews? Well, we are here to provide genuine reviews of the company. All the information is gathered with lots of research and is accurate. The world is a lot more glamorous than it used to be. People insanely want great bodies and looks, be it men or women. 

If we say that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars and go under the knife? Well, Maelys cosmetics is one such company that will somewhat give desired results in a period if you follow the instructions well. Let us look forward to what this article has in store. 

Let start the article which include must to read maelys cosmetics reviews.

What is Maelys cosmetics?

Maelys cosmetics is a company that helps the person to enhance their body jus t by applying their products. There are lots of items available for the targeted areas. Maelys cosmetics is based in New York, United States. Daniel De Castro is the founder of the company. 

It is a popular brand in the social media market. The company has 323k followers on Instagram, which is considered a trustworthy company. This skincare organization is most popular for its assortment of body shaping products, which help customers’ feel love with what they have.

This brand is a knight in shining armor for women who are not blessed with bodies like Kylie Jenner. Let us see some more details on Maelys cosmetics reviews.


  • Shoppers can pursue the brand’s bulletin to get 10% off on their first order.
  • They likewise have a referral program, where purchasers can get $15 by sharing the contact. As far as the prizes program, individuals can gather points to get elite discounts and advantages.
  • They are facilitating a warm summer deal, in which all items are 10% off for availing of this discount. The customers have to use the promotion code SUMMERVIBES at checkout.

Positive Highlights 

  • There are so many products available related to body shaping and toning.
  • For the newsletter, shoppers can sign up for free.
  • You can refer to the link with your friends or family to get an extra 10% off.
  • The products are cruelty-free.
  • New mothers or pregnant women can safely use this product.
  • For availing of free shipping, the order cost should be more than $75.

Negative highlights 

  • The prices of the product are a lot more than the other brands. 
  • Products don’t work immediately. For results, you should use it without gaps and have patience. 

What products are available in Maelys cosmetics?

  1. B- flat belly firming cream
  2. B- tight lift and firm booty mask
  3. B- thicc booty enhancing mask
  4. B- perky life and firm breast mask 
  5. Get sassy underboob deodorant 
  6. Glamour 24k gold mask and serum
  7. Black magnet intensive purifying mask
  8. Miracle instant under eye cream
  9. Kiss my booty, the sensual bundle

These are the few products available on the website, and you can choose according to your desire. 

When to use maelys cosmetics products?

It is recommended to use all the toning firming and tightening products twice a week for better and effective results. To properly work the product and to see visible results, you should have patience. (You are reading: Maelys cosmetics reviews)

When can the shopper expect the results to be visible?

Suppose you apply non-stop at the given time. Have lots of patience and should be stress-free and focused. 

You will see results quickly. Unluckily, we cannot tell the specific time for results, and it completely depends on your body type and how you are using the product.

Is the Maelys cosmetics product worth buying?

If you seriously don’t want to spend thousands of dollars under the knife surgeries and want them to be national and safe, then these products are for you.

We would highly recommend this company to our readers and someone who doesn’t feel confident in their body type. It will boost up the confidence level for sure. The Maelys cosmetics reviews are superb. 

We have seen a great social media presence for the site and a good trust score. The site is legitimate. Hence, we would recommend this company to our readers.

Where can you shop Maelys products?

You can get it from many platforms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a physical store, you can purchase from other beauty stores like:

  1. Sephora
  2. Ulta beauty 
  3. On various e-commerce giants
  4. Directly from the website

Maelys cosmetics reviews

With a lot of research, we have seen great and applauding reviews for the company. The brand received 4.5 stars all over ratings from customers across the world. There are so many stories that indicate the positivity of using these products.

We have seen a tremendous crowd on various platforms that only stated the product’s favourite qualities. We have genuinely seen so many before and after pictures of the customers, which looks divine. 

The brand is famous amongst pregnant women as they are the ones who received maximum benefits from using the product.


We have given all details about Maelys cosmetics reviews. It is situated in the United States.  All the information mentioned above is true and best of our knowledge. We have seen that the site is legitimate and trustworthy. Also, the number of benefits to the customers is worth the price. Hence, we would recommend their products to our readers. 

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