Genshin Activate the Mechanism

Genshin activate the mechanism? Are you a fan of Genshin Impact by Mihoyo? This game has gained popularity since its release due to its ever-evolving content and theme. The developer introduces new seasons to keep the excitement level of the players high.

The game has rooted many players in the United States as Genshin Impact 2.1 has launched a new arena of islands to play on. Both these areas are opposite-themed and bring a thrill. Read further to know more about it.

What is genshin impact?


Genshin is an adventure game from a Chinese developer, miHoYo, available for free download on various platforms like Playstore, Apple Store, Xbox, Windows, etc. They have to build a digital world Teyvat filled with elemental energy and life. The backstory says that you and your siblings are stranded on Teywat, ruled by an unknown deity.

They took away all your powers and put you into a deep slumber. As you wake up, you start a quest to find answers as you meet the seven gods of elements at each stage. The game has adventures, mysteries and, many fearless characters. You can experience a whole new world by wandering Seelie and investigating the lands.

The combat powers activate by combining the reaction of the seven elements. You can use your imagination to play and interact with them to master the elemental power. Their creative team has invested a lot of time to bring you scenic and immersive visuals. The seasons and weather change with time gives an extraordinary effect to the game.


You can build your team by interacting with unique characters in the game that possess extraordinary powers linked with some interesting backstory. You can also ask your friends to join you and conquer challenging arenas. You can level up your Avatar by joining party combinations. Your main aim is to reunite with your lost siblings. \

What is Genshin activate the mechanism?

Genshin Impact has been releasing new season at regular intervals and, now their 2.1 version of the game has released two new arenas of islands. The first one is Watatsumi, themed with a scenic and peaceful environment and the second Serai is a monstrous and horror-themed dark Island. Every location is intact with new puzzles and quests. Relics of Serai has the mission Fujiwara Toshiko, which we will discuss here present in this new season.


The activation mechanism is a part of this quest. There are three pressure plates that you need to step on in a particular order. You will receive some clues that will help you identify the correct order that you have to follow. Solving the puzzle is crucial work because you might miss the clue and mess up the whole process

How to activate it?

Genshin activate the mechanism? It is tricky work! Hence we’ve enlisted some points to help you figure out the correct method:

  • Download the game on your device. It should have a permanent internet connection and then log in to your account. You must create a new account if you are a new player.
  • You need to find the character Fujiwara Toshiko on the Serai island to start the quest. When you locate her, you will have to protect her from Hilichurls. She will reveal information about a treasure she is looking for and offers to split it if you agree to protect her.
  • She will give you a map to find the treasure. It will consist of a rotation pattern of three symbols which will help you solve the puzzle.
  • Then you can follow her to the treasure, but first, you will have to solve the puzzle. A lever will be present next to her. You need to use it and start the activation.
  • Now comes the trickiest part, here you have to jump on the symbols
  • You can start from any one of them but follow the rotation and look out for the hints. If you complete this puzzle correctly, you can go to the next step of the basement.
  • This basement contains the same type of puzzle but is larger than the previous one.
  • You can only step on them one time and follow a particular rotation pattern. Avoid stepping on the lit ones as it will restart the puzzle.
  • After you complete this, another mechanism will arise and, you will have to solve the puzzle again. Follow the same steps.
  • When you complete it a second time, the treasure chest will open automatically.
  • To your dismay, the chest contains a picture and nothing of value. But, Fujiwara Toshiko will pay her debt by offering you something else.
  • Before you leave, you will face some more enemies. They are Samurai and Treasure hoarders who are looking for the same chest.
  • After you defeat them, you will have to protect her from Fatui Skirmishers.
  • Then you can follow her to the camp and receive the reward for your assistance.

Review of the game by players

Genshin activate the mechanism? The game has received 4.5/5 stars on Playstore and more than 10 million downloads. People of the United States have highly appreciated the interface and stated it to be a great mobile game for casual and veteran players. The graphics and playstyle of the game are amazing. You can make in-app purchases to make your game more thrilling.


The game may lag on average devices due to its heavy interface. The fun puzzles, exciting content, frequent upgrades, and characters make it an engaging platform. We would recommend our readers to play the game once and decide for themselves.


Genshin activate the mechanism? It is a part of an exciting quest of this game. You can complete this quest by following the simple steps mentioned and win rewards from Fujiwara Toshiko.

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