When is the Jake Paul Woodley Fight

When is the Jake Paul Woodley Fight? Jake Paul is a social media star known for his various talents as a rapper, actor now leaping to be a boxer.

 Paul has been in many controversies since he stepped into the boxing arena, but his fans in the United States have appreciated him in every aspect. Earlier, he was famous for his content on social platforms. Now, he has got the spotlight for his recent fight with Tyron Woodley. Read further to know more.

Who is Jake Paul?


Jake Paul was the second child, born on 17/01/97. He grew up admiring his brother Logan, a YouTuber and a famous content creator. Paul decided to begin his career by posting content on the platform Vine. His popularity on the platform amassed him with 5.3 million followers and, due to this, he got cast by Disney. But, his acting career lasted for two seasons, and then he got fired from the Show because of several controversies.

Paul engaged in many disputes, got charged for trespassing and other illegal activities. He’s been the talk of the town for his inappropriate content on Youtube featuring risky stunts, indecent clips. He made his boxing debut in 2019 and became a subject of controversies because of his peculiar behavior. Continue reading to know when is the Jake Paul Woodley Fight?

When is the Jake Paul Woodley Fight?


Paul has knocked his first three opponents and, now he’s leveled up by challenging Tyron Woodley. He is the best boxer by far, known for his unique talent and great experience in his UFC career. He was the UFC Welterweight champion and, his specialty lies in winning 19 fights through knockouts. The fight announcement was a result of a heated argument backstage where Woodley challenged Paul for a fight.

Paul has been undefeated in his short boxing career but, he has not faced such an impressive opponent before. Even though Woodley is facing some tough times after detaching from the UFC, we cannot undermine that he had been an undefeated champion during 2014-2018. He knocked out Robbie Lawler and made an easy win to get UFC welterweight title.


The fight is on 29 August and, it will be a treat to watch these two fight for respect and glory. The event is available on traditional cable as well as satellite services via pay-per-view services. People of the United States can stream it on Showtime PPV. Contact your cable provider for more information.

Event Fixtures

  • Date: The fight is on 29/08/2021.
  • PPV start time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT
  • Paul-Woodley main event: Midnight ET / 9 p.m. PT
  • Channel: Showtime PPV
  • Cost: $59.99 for pay-per-view services.
  • Place of Fight: The location is confirmed to be Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland.
  • Tickets: The tickets are on A, the cost is $10.
  • Replay:  September 4, 2021

Jake Paul’s boxing history

  • Jake started his boxing career in 2019, fighting against AnEsonGib, who is a YouTuber like him.
  • The match was held on 30 January 2020 as a co-feature in Miami between another match for the middleweight title.
  • Paul received an easy won through TKO. Then he was featured as the undercard for an exhibition match fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones.
  • He won his second fight against Nate Robinson via KO in the second round on 28 November.
  • Then after contemplating for some time, his third fight was announced against Ben Askren.
  • Paul remained undefeated by conquering him in the first round via TKO on 17 April 2021.
  • Before his last fight, he had a heated argument with Woodley and mocked him for his inexperience and lucky wins.
  • Due to this, Woodley challenged him for a fight. It would be enticing to see what happens if Woodley can prove his talents by knocking him out.

People are eagerly waiting to know when is the Jake Paul Woodley Fight?



When is the Jake Paul Woodley Fight? Be ready for an experience of a lifetime on 29/08/2021 to witness your social media star John Paul fight against his first professional UFC champion opponent. It will be enthralling to find out who gets knocked out and who wins the glory.

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