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Is gozilos legit or a scam business? This article contains the latest updates about the trust score and customer reviews, which will help you to decide whether you can rely on this website or not. So, pursue to read till the end to know the legitimacy of this site.

Online fraud business is one of the most common illegal ways, a few scammers from the United States use to get money easily. But as a customer, it is our concern that we should not fall into the trap of this scam issue. So, let us see the particulars and the legitimacy points that reveal whether the site is trustworthy or is just a cheat site.

What is gozilos?

Glozilos is an E-commerce site that is known to sell tools and renovations. The products include kitchen, sports, hand instruments, siphons, eatery style apparatuses, and Home expressive topics from their webpage, like some other E-exchange destinations. In addition, it sells most of the things needed for home redesigns like cameras, upgrading things, and furniture. 

Not enough information to proceed with the site, right? No worries, let us what the policies promised by the site when we think of buying these tools are. Also, we will see the tricks and hacks in the gozilos legit section.


  • Link for the website: https://www.gozilos.com/. 
  • Site Domain Creation: December 2020 (9 months old). 
  • Category of the site: This site comes under the class of Tools and home essentials. 
  • Contact address: 96 Mowat Ave M4K 3K1 Toronto, US.
  • Contact number: +1.4165385487
  • E-mail address: n93gm2ppl2jg@contactprivacy.email
  • Working hours: Seven days from 9 am to 6 pm. 
  • Shipping information: They transport all over the world. Shipment is done with some private transportations, and no information regarding this is mentioned. A bit suspicious, right!
  • Delivery information: It will take 10-15 workdays for the thing to reach you, which may moreover depend upon the spot you live in. 
  • Return Policy: You need to return the thing within 30 days from the date of obtainment. 
  • Payment methods: You can pay through your Paypal account. No other payments are allowed. Cash on delivery is not available too. 
  • Refund policy: They do not accept any refunds. Once you place an order, it can’t be refunded even if you receive a damaged product.
  • Order Tracking: There is no way you can know the status of your order.
  • These are the standard subtleties that are crucial for considering this site. 

Before going to gozilos legit, let us see the pros you will get of buying from this store. 


  • Website has SSL certification.
  • You can get any renovation tool that you need. The collection is really large.
  • Free and fast shipping is available for most of the products.
  • Prices are low. You can get things at a very reasonable price.
  • Their customer support works 24/7 to assist you anytime.
  • They ship worldwide. You can order from any part of the world.


  • It is a newly launched website, which lacks trust.
  • Seller contact credentials are fake, which is a sign of a distrustful website.
  • You can’t track your order, no product tracking option.
  • They do not provide any warranty or guaranty on their products.

Is gozilos legit?

We have researched very well about this particular website, to put all the tricks of this website in front of you.

We are summing up the drawbacks and suspicious activities found on this site:

  • Though the site is SSL certified, it is going to expire in a month. It’s challenging to buy from a website that doesn’t even have a secure connection. Isn’t it?
  • There is no social media presence. 
  • Upon an extensive analysis, it is found that all the contact details are invalid, and copied from other websites. Hiding true details is the mark of scammers.
  • Another downside is their creation. It is very new and the web traffic recorded is extremely low.
  • The trust score is 5%. 

With all these negative points, you can guess the hidden truth about this site. Let us also see the customer response, as it may help reveal more information about the reality of this site.

What is the customer response?

As we told you earlier, the website is very new. So on our research, we couldn’t find any response or feedback from the customer side.

Also, we couldn’t find anyone who has purchased renovation tools from this site. So with this, we can say that this site is disbelieving in the distrustful records it is holding. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, we have kept all the needed information in front of you. Now, if you think of gozilos legit, you can get that it is a dubious site.

Social Media PresenceNo
Trust score5%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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