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Do you want to check Testing for all app activate process reviews? With this article, we will check about this website, types of tests, specifications, and how you can use it in the home. So are you ready to check all these things? If yes, then keep continuing to read the article.

In the United States, so many scam websites are coming, and it is challenging to trust them easily. If you are giving your hard-earned money, it is better to check the website’s legitimacy. Let’s move forward and understand this app in detail.

About the testing app:

Last year pandemic spread across the countries with a fast space. So, testing app company has come into existence. It helps you to provide a safe path against several disease. It is an organization that allows you to give the medical kit which can be used for certain test.

The co-founder of the company was James Monico and Kelly Klifa. They both have an interest in diagnostic Testing. So, they decided to launch an organization making test for particular disease more accessible and affordable. The company focuses on the quality of the patient’s test.

Go to the official website of the company, i.e., Testing for all apps activate and register. PDF Converter.


  • Website URL: testingforall .org
  • Contact address: Not present.
  • Contact number for support: +44 2033 011100.
  • Timing: Mon-Sat, 9 am-6 pm.
  • Sundays: 9am – 5pm.
  • Contact number for general inquiries: 0203 301 1100
  • The product offers: Testing kit
  • Partners: Cooley, Contra, Royal mail.
  • Distributor: Alpha laboratories.  
  • Antibody test manufacture: Roche


  • It uses a secured web connection.
  • It has an excellent presence on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • It is cost-effective, reliable.
  • The website was created one year ago and has gained popularity among users.

Stay on the page to know Testing for all app activate the process.

The process which you know how it will help you out?

With this article, we are providing you necessary steps which you should follow:

  • Open your browser and visit the official website.
  • Then, it will ask you to register your details online.
  • When you successfully register your details online, the company will provide you the kit, which may take 1-2 working days to arrive at your door.
  • Take the test as prescribed on the kit and send the test back on the same day using a prepaid mailer.
  • When your sample arrived at the lab, it will take 1-2 Working days to get the desired results.

After the mentioned days result will be declared to you online.

Types of tests:

There are three types of tests:

  • Immunity tracker test,
  • Home total antibody test,
  • RT PCR Test.

Is the company legit?

We have researched on the internet and found that the company is legit one due to several reasons:

  • The positive response from the users in the United States.
  • Contact address and contact details are very clear on the website.
  • Alexa rating is good, i.e., 293,919.
  • The company uses a secured web connection, i.e., HTTPS.
  • Trust score is 100% 

If we consider all points which show that the website is the legit one.

User’s reviews towards Testing for all app activate?

We have checked the user’s reviews on various websites and found that the users are delighted with this testing app. The app has received 4.4 ratings out of 5, which is excellent.

Octe Dancaster says, 

“Very good service by the company, they informed your delivery date & time, and it is easy to return with the completed test.”

Nathalia Yachmeneva says,

“Testing was very smooth with this company. Telephone support, price, everything was fine.”

Marie Hyslop says,

 “The staffs were very friendly and efficient.”

Final words

Social media presenceYes
Trust index4.4`
SSL encryptionYes
Customer reviewsYes

Hopefully, you get all the info about Testing for all app activate process. Due to positive responses from the users, excellent social media presence, Alexa rating, and trust index are the major points that prove that you can go for this company. Now it’s up to you whether you go for this company or not.

What was your experience? Please share with us in the comment section.


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