If I Ran The Zoo Barnes And Noble

Read why If I Ran The Zoo Barnes And Noble (March 2021) is going to be dis-continue >> Also know why it is on top trend nowadays.

Are you looking for a top trending If I Ran The Zoo Barnes And Noble? Then you are on the right page because, in this article, you will get to know all about your favorite book and all about Dr. Seuss’s Caldecott, who is a famous writer/author known for writing books for children.

Seuss is very famous in the United States because he has written several books based on kid’s fantasy. But why is it on-trend nowadays! You will find out in this article, so please read the full article.

What is If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble?

“I ran the zoo” recently got hipped when several readers tried to order it online, but it was out of stock. It is a famous kid’s storybook written in 1950 by the renowned writer/author Dr. Seuss. He has contributed a lot in this field and written several books like McElligot’s Pool, If I ran the circus, scrambled eggs super, Dr. Seuss sleep book, etc.

In the book “I ran the zoo,” the author beautifully narrated the whole story of a zoo, it is a story of Gerald McGrew who visit a zoo and how he deals with all the exotic animals like lion, elephants, cats and many more. It is an exciting story that shows how MR. Gerald McGrew deals with the wild animal when he reaches a wild habitat.

What are Barnes and Noble?

Barnes and Noble is a famous booksellers company in the United States. They are gone from the 1000 fortune listed company. Their stores are located worldwide and are very famously known for selling various world bestselling books and novels.

The company has more than 600 outlets all over the US; you might know the store is near you when you find it on Google map. This is the reason why If Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble is the on-trend topic today over the internet because you can get Dr. Seuss’s most of the bestselling books from here.

Do you know?

  • After the release of the book “I ran the zoo,” many critics marked it a book that discriminates against human sentiments. 
  • This book is also considered as the father of several slang like nerd, nerkle, and preep. Nerd is the word used first time in this book, although nerd is the character of an animal.
  • The book was one of the bestselling children’s books at that time.


What is the Public response to this book?

Recently, Twitter hits the word name If I Ran The Zoo and the reason behind this is the racial imagery. As per a few, the book is hurting the feelings of the East Asian race, and that is why the publishers will discontinue the book along with Scrambled Eggs Super, McElligot’s Pool, and On Beyond Zebra.

Although we found mixed reactions from the public as the book is very imaginary and the lovely characters found fascinating to kids. But there are also a few who are optimistic about the decision of discontinuation.


As per the information gathered and mentioned above, the book If I Ran The Zoo Barnes And Noble will discontinue. Meanwhile, you can also share your thoughts on this decision in the comment section.


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