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Are you searching for Infinity hoop reviews? If yes, then you have reached the right article. Nowadays, online stores have taken a vast place in market place instead of visiting the stores that save your money and time. But selecting the right platform is essential as it will help you get the right things with safety and security.

People across the countries, including the United States, want to look fit. For this, they are doing various activities in their daily lives like dancing, exercising, yoga, meditation, playing games, and salsa. Every move has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s quickly check out the product, specification, pros, cons, customer reviews.

What is the Infinity hoop?

Infinity hoop is a tool that helps you reduce belly fat that every individual, especially a woman, needs. It is made up of plastic and fibre and can be used around the waist and neck.

This tool is primarily used in dance performances. Moreover, it can also be beneficial for reducing weight. Your waist and belly look very slim while using this product. It not only gives you a slim look but also be very effective for weight reduction.


  • Website URL: infinity-hoop(dot )com
  • Email address: Support(at)infinity-hoop (dot)com
  • Address: 980 6th Avenue New York, NY 10018
  • Contact details: Not present.
  • Product offering: Infinity hoop for belly, waist
  • Product – Infinity Hoop Plus Price: $28, Additional links – $8
  • Quality: Excellent
  • Color available: Blue, Pink, Purple.
  • Origin of the country: UK
  • The product is available from 1st Jan 2017.
  • Authority maker: Fine feathers.
  • ASIN Number: B01N1ZQG13
  • Size of the product: ¾ and ½
  • Ideal size for beginner: ¾, but you can choose any size as per your comfort.
  • Shipping time: You will get your product within 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Production types: Handcraft


  • It keeps you active.
  • You can burn your calories which helps in maintaining the balance of the body.
  • You can reduce the overall weight of the body.
  • It improves belly muscles, and the waist looks slim.
  • It helps to reduce the excess fat of the body.
  • This product has so many color options.
  • If you buy this product from, you can get 30% off on weekend shopping.
  • Reduce anxiety and tension.


  • You require more practice to use this product; otherwise, a person without knowledge cannot use it effectively.
  • You cannot return the product if once you purchase it.

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Is the product legit or a scam?

We have evaluated Infinity hoop on various parameters, and we can say that it is suspicious due to several reasons mentioned below:

  • The product was listed in the year 2017 and failed to gain the customers’ trust in the market. Although Infinity hoop reviews available on their website in the form of video format.
  • The website has Instagram, but it’s only for sharing the website info and not the actual Insta page.
  • The contact info given on the website seems suspicious

Infinity hoop reviews from customers?

Before buying any product online, we always prefer to check customer reviews then only we can purchase the product without any fear. 

In this case, we have done deep research and investigation on the internet, and we have found mixed types of reviews from the customers.

It seems the benefits depend upon person to person. Using any tool like this needs proper guidance, but there is no guarantee that you get the exact shape mentioned on the website.


Trust scoreNot available
Social media presenceNo
Customer reviewsNo
SSL EncryptionYes

While summing up this article, we would like to say that it seems suspicious to us as there is the absence of infinity hoop reviews and social media presence.

Have you purchased an infinity hoop? If yes, please write your views in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting for your response.

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