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Want to learn more about reifen com hamburg? The need for tiers and wheels increases simultaneously with the higher demand for owning two or three cars for each family. That’s why the demand for tiers is also increasing. This website provides the solution to this problem. There are only a few websites available on the internet to satisfy the needs of car owners. Fortunately, you are in the right place to find important information about this website. 

This website is a German based website. This website offers an extensive range of car retail products. We present a detailed section about this website, its service, specifications, pros, cons, legitimacy index, customer reactions, and many new updates related to their improved service. Be with us to find everything in detail.

What is reifen com hamburg?

Reifen is one of the most well-known brands of Europe who are offering an extensive range of wheel models and tiers and other wheel-related accessories on both of their online and offline stores. They are offering various kinds of accessories. That’s why we create a list of all their services for your help in this segment.

An overview of their services:

  • Complete wheels.
  • Complete tiers.
  • Rims of the wheel.
  • Wheels and rims for cars, motorcycles, vans.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Wheel hub cleaning.
  • Wheel storage.
  • Tire dealership.
  • Tire repair.

Besides this, they have a large collection of 600000 tier brands. They have 3000 reifen stores and direct dealers and providers for an easy reach out. 


  • Contact Number: +494081971690.
  • Contact Address: bramfelder chaussee 102, 22177, hambura, germany.
  • Email ID: info(at)reifen(dot)com.
  • Category: tire repair and wheel parts provider.
  • Opening days: Monday to Saturday.
  • Opening hours: 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.
  • Payment method: both online and offline money is accessible according to their services.
  • Payment process: advance payment option.
  • Branch number: 37 branches are available in Germany.
  • Payment way out: cash on delivery, invoice, debit card, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Hire purchase, Amazon payment.


  • This website is really easy to navigate and usage. They have an unbeatable product range.
  • All their pricing ranges are accurate.
  • Delivery processes are really easy and flexible for all.
  • All of their services and customer support are efficient and well organized. 


  • This website is non-accessible outside Germany. 
  • Non-responsive mail service.
  • Short working hours.

Is reifen legit?

Now, the main question is, is the reifen com hamburg legit or not. We conduct deep research on this matter and point out some facts here in this segment. 

  • All security and BBB certificates are available and verified.
  • The increasing outlet and dealership rates are enough to mark it as a legit company. Not a fake company can spend so much on image build-up.
  • All contact information and store location are provided on their official website. 
  • All kinds of payment methods are available to clear all payments.
  • Thousands of people are regular customers of this brand. 
  • This company is a legit service with an 89% of trust index.

What is the customer reaction on reifen com?

All comments from their old and new customers seem satisfying. Reifen com hamburg is a trustworthy brand for them. Most of the reviews are positive and spread good words about the company.

Alina said, 

‘’I always trust this company to pamper my car.’’

Rachel said,

 ‘’Reifen help me the most to choose perfect tire Rim for my wheel.’’


Parameters Remarks 
Trust score 89%
Social media presence Yes 
Customer review Yes 
SSL certificate Yes 

Here is all about the reifen com hamburg. We examine all its info in a detailed way and present this precise article for your better understanding. This is a genuine company. Expectedly, all your doubts have been solved till now.

You can write to us if you have any questions left in your mind in the comment section below. You can also share your experience and thoughts in the same way. 


Q1. Are there services available offline?

Yes, they have their offline outlets for your help.

Q2. How can I book an appointment? 

You can book your appointment through their official web portal.

Q3. Are their services available outside Germany?

No, all services are open for only Germany.

Q4. Are they charged any service tax and extra fee? 

Yes, they charged a minimum amount of service tax and their maintenance fee for some service procedures. 

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