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We found several readers asking whether is beenverified legit? We found mixed reactions. Few have complained about irresponsible customer care and unreached contact number. This website allows us to access millions of people and companies under one source. You can get information on an individual’s history, criminal records, contact details, personal information, and much more with one click. It is the perfect source for United States customers to be aware of anyone’s identity. All this information is collected from different public records and other sources to give you an analysis of any brand or personality. Wait for that to know more about the charges and ways you can use them.


It is an online portal collecting personal and professional records from different public sectors to provide a copy to the users. Subscribe to this domain, and you are just a click away from all the contact information of brands and high-profile companies. Many people use it for applying for jobs and complain against any service or product received by them. If you are wondering, Is beenverified legit? The domain got published in TechCrunch, which is enough to find its credibility. It is the perfect source of information for people who are not handy with technology and try to gather information from one source only. Do not worry about your private information getting leaked on this platform because all the data searches made are anonymous, and they take care of your privacy.

Features of beenverified:

The people who are finding a new house can look up any address and get detail about the property and its owner.
  • You can easily find information on any individual and get your hands on records like their legal identity, criminal records, address, or any other public information registered under the source.
  • When you can not find the person you are looking for, you can put in some additional information, and the source will try to match it with any similar identity available in their data storage.
  • Perform a reverse search for the phone number or mailing address by typing the digits and getting to know the owner.
  • This feature is for women dealing with prank calls or threatening messages.
  • The website is accessible on any device or browser that you can use with an active internet connection.
  • You can look up your personal information on the source and see the details given about you, finding any disturbing element in it. You can always report it to get it deleted.


  • They have comprehensive reports of every individual and brand.
  • The subscription fee got mentioned with the discounted price.
  • Excellent customer care service.
  • The mobile application is easy to use for all.


  • Some information is not updated regularly, so you might have to recheck.
  • The search can take more time than expected.

Is beenverified legit?

This website provides a subscription-based service, so it is necessary to find is beenverified legit? They have different plans according to the period you want to subscribe to their website. Signing up for a 3-month package will also get a 35% discount after going through all the terms and policies mentioned on their website. We have found no red flags that can make us doubt their credibility. The fact that it contains information from the FBI, government institutions, banks, and other sectors make us believe in its legitimacy. The database gets packed with essential details on every individual and brand that will help you in any situation. All the information is authentic; you can contact their customer care service for more details. We recommend you go through this website manually and research before subscribing to their services.

What are the customer reviews on

The website has an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars on open sources. We came across many reviews stating that it is a service helping many people in times of need. These reviews helped us acknowledge: is beenverified legit? All the information presented on it is true! It gives you the exact amount of details. Even though most customers are satisfied with their services, we found some other users who said that the subscription fee is worthless. The reviews accused the company of showing basic details and no in-depth knowledge of any brand or individual. A user from the United States also complained about typing the phone number but not getting any result.


After a deep analysis of all the information gathered, we have concluded: is beenverified legit? It is an authentic website, but it does have some drawbacks that need to be fixed by the developers. You can compare it with other similar websites before making any decision. Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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