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We have collected verified data to find whether it is flash rewards legit or not? The website offers free rewards, which you can redeem for real money by taking their survey.

There is so many reward-giving and money-sharing website on the internet. Most of them are trying to scam the people of the United States with their deceiving tactics. Hence it becomes necessary to determine the legitimacy of any platform. Read further to know more about the authenticity of this source.

What are flash rewards?

It is a website giving away gift cards and money to the users who perform the task given to them on different levels. Many people might wonder, is flash rewards legit? There are a lot of comments on open sources by people debating over the credibility of this source.


But, the best way to find its authenticity is by accessing its owner company, smart wallet. It is an easy-to-use platform with simple functions that will help you gather points. Then redeem them as gift cards.

These rewards are similar to Amazon, Flipkart, or other e-commerce giveaways. Start by creating your profile and performing some services and deals by purchasing products from the brands enlisted on the website. You will get rewards in return for your efforts that you can redeem within a week.

How to get gift cards from this source?

Here is a detailed guideline to help you get rewards from this company without any scams.

  • Start visiting their official website through any web browser.
  • Now create a profile by filling in the application form details correctly.
  • After this, you will be given a task according to your level.
  • At first, you may play any game or complete a survey. As you level up, the requirement increases, and you might have to purchase some products from the related brands.
  • Make sure when you have completed any particular task, you keep proof of it in the form of a screenshot or any other way.
  • The website registers all the performed tasks automatically, but due to some glitches in the software, you might have to send them proof of your activity.
  • The process is a slow walk, not a sprint, so you might have to keep some patience and follow the level rules to get your desired reward.
  • Now you can claim your award by providing the identification for your profile.
  • It will require a government-issued identification card like your driver’s license.
  • After this, you can redeem your prize through PayPal, ACH, or a respected gift card from any company.


  • Good way of making money.
  • Huge rewards from shopping with their links.
  • Uses trusted brands like Paypal for redemption.


  • We found mixed reviews on open sources.
  • Many verifications get needed before receiving the reward.

Is flash rewards legit?


The company is a sister of the financial service provider smart wallet. To find: is flash rewards legit? Let us analyze how they get money to giveaway gift cards. They work with partnered brands by asking you to give attention and purchase products from them.

In return, this website will receive a monetary percentage and use a sum of this amount to reward you. All you have to do is buy items through the website links.

Technically they are returning your money in a different form. The company is worth a try because it does not require subscription fees or details of your credit card. They have a good privacy policy and keep all your information safe.


According to the latest analysis, they have given away more than $16 million to the users. All the above information is enough to determine their credibility.

User reviews on Flash rewards

We tried to understand Is flash rewards legit by reading the reviews on open sources. This website has received 3.6/5 stars and mixed responses from trusted users. It shows that 55% of people think it is an excellent source for receiving gift cards and more rewards.

We came across many people who have redeemed their prizes and appreciate the domain for its services. Many disgruntled customers were accusing them of being a scam. Alonzo from the United States mentioned going through multiple emails and verification procedures to validate his reward.


But in the end, the website did not let him redeem his $200, and he was left empty-handed. We found many similar complaints, but all of them got sincerely answered by the company.

So, after analyzing the customer responses, we suggest our readers be vigilant while using this domain and do some background research.


After reading all the above facts, you can find out: Is flash rewards legit? It is a reputed domain to get gifts, but the procedure is longer than expected. It makes people lose interest and receive nothing. You can benefit from this platform if you have the patience and discipline to level up in the domain.







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