Is khealth legit or Not ? Check Customer Feedback 2022

Do you want to find out: Is khealth legit? It is a virtual firm that provides health care services and advice from professionals to give you instant remedies for emergencies or a long-term prescription. It is a service that overpowers obsolete visits to physicians.

Many online businesses have started AI health care systems in the United States to help in emergencies/support for any disease at any time using your phone. It is a cost-efficient, and time-saving platform to analyze your health issues at your convenience. Read further to know more about the details.

What is K Health?

It is an online portal providing healthcare solutions to people through AI according to their symptoms and health conditions. They also share some free services like analyzing your symptoms through the database by researching their domain. They have created a set of questions that help you determine the reason behind your current state by analyzing your symptoms and genetic history.


This service is identical to making a web browser search by sharing your symptoms. But, the platform has millions of prescriptions and professional records that help it to determine the exact reason for your discomfort. So, the assessment gives the accurate and necessary diagnosis just like any other doctor.

Can k health prescribe antibiotics? Yes, you can chat with any professional on this matter. When your condition needs urgent attention, they also make an appointment with virtual medical care. Please continue reading to know more about Is khealth legit?

How to use this platform?

We have provided a guideline to help you use this service:

  • The users get advised to use any device connected to a permanent internet connection.
  • Now you can go to the Google browser and look for the official website of
  • They have released their app, so you can download it from Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Follow either of the above steps to land on their homepage.
  • Begin to create your profile and get a Khealth login
  • Fill in your information in the application form to create your account.
  • Now you will have to fill a survey by correctly choosing your symptoms in the questions.
  • The artificial intelligence service will provide you with the probable causes or diseases diagnosed according to your condition.
  • They will also present you with some treatments for free.

The services mentioned above are free of cost, but if you want to make regular visits, you can subscribe to their membership.


  • There is no extra charge for reading through the symptoms and self-assessment on the source.
  • The medical services provided are at pocket-friendly prices
  • You can live chat with doctors and other professionals.
  • For emergencies users get prescribed within one day.
  • There is no K health wait time, so you can get an instant assistant.


  • The company does not help individuals by compromising health insurance.
  • Khealth cannot replace Personal appointments with doctors, and their treatments like surgery/medical tests.
  • The platform is not enough for all types of diseases.

Is khealth legit?


This platform is similar to other businesses providing online healthcare in the United States. So, to find: Is khealth legit? We analyzed a survey done with many patients who were diagnosed with AI systems. The experiment suggested that 85% of the users were satisfied with their virtual experience.

They appreciated group therapy programmed by this domain. Many people have found a remedy to the emergency through individual appointments with a healthcare professional on khealth. The appointment prices on this platform start from $29, but if you subscribe to their website, you will get unlimited visits for only $19.

The service is valuable for some medical conditions possibly diagnosed through virtual screens. But in case of fatal diseases, you must immediately contact a professional doctor or visit the hospital. We recommend our readers do some background research before trusting the prescriptions provided by this source.

User reviews on


Many people have this doubt: Is khealth legit Reddit? It is necessary to analyze before trusting any new medical care system. We read many reviews presented on open sources and K health reviews on Reddit. Together the website has received four out of five-star ratings from trusted customers. Most people are happy with the free-of-cost service of analyzing symptoms.

But after talking to professionals available on this source, many people have complained about the irregularity of the app. The platform pairs you up with different physicians, so the patients have to explain their symptoms repeatedly to different people. We also came across some disgruntled users in K health reviews BBB. They got an appointment with unprofessional doctors who were not listening properly.

K health glassdoor has 3.3/5 stars. We found employees commenting about good work environment but lower pay than other brands of similar category.


No matter how much the AI system may develop, it can never beat a person-to-person appointment and physical medical care system. Now we can conclude: is khealth legit? It is appropriate for normal health conditions but not for fatal diseases.


Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.


What is K help?

It is a platform offering people health care advice and treatment through their cell phones. It is a great option to analyze any symptom and get the cause of your discomfort.

What is the K app?

This application is a service provider for accessing any area or function in your building. The system works on Bluetooth and collects data to help you visit building or workplaces.


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