Is Edreams Legit

Is edreams legit? Whenever you plan a trip, the first thought that comes to mind is where to book flights and hotels conveniently and affordably. To satisfy this need, the travel industry is growing and moving its business online and has come up with hundreds of new websites and plans. But the main problem with all setups is some of these websites are fake.

This is a Spain-based company. To verify this travel company we are here with our article. As the travel sector grows online, it becomes necessary to prove one website before using it properly. We will disclose all kinds of news related to this company’s intro, pros, specifications, cons, unique benefits, legitimacy index, and customer reviews to clear your doubts.

A complete review article is waiting for you to unfold mysteries.

What is edreams?

Edreams is a travel and tourism online company that allows you to book flights and hotels online easily. They are offering some great offers and membership plans to reduce your expenses of travel. 


We are sharing brief details about the services they offer. Moving forward to your answer is edreams legit or not?

A detailed description of all services they offer:

  • Flights.
  • Hotels.
  • Flight with the hotel.
  • Car rentals.
  • Shuttles and transfers.
  • Holiday rentals.


  • Contact address: 3390 mary suite, 116 coconut grove, Florida 33133 USA.
  • Contact Number: No valid information is available on their website to call on any number.
  • Email Address: Nothing is visible on the website related to this topic.
  • Mode of contact: There is a chat with us option on their website, and other social media chat sections are the mode of communication.
  • Payment mode: Only online payment modes are acceptable.
  • Payment option: You can pay through PayPal, credit card, debit card, VISA.
  • Cancelation policy: You can cancel all bookings before seven days of your booking date. Otherwise, you can’t get a refund. 


  • This brand allows you to cancel your booking before seven days.
  • They offer each kind of travel booking facility on their website.
  • They also offer a special discount if you download their application.
  • They show you all kinds of cheap and costly flights simultaneously to compare and give you the allowance to choose according to you.


  • Many complaints are filed against this company.
  • There are many refunds, and time-related issues are found.
  • The website is very typically designed
  • No contact information is available on this website. 

Is edreams legit?

In our view, we can’t consider it as a legit website. It contains many suspicious activities. That’s why it is pretty hard to justify whether this website is legit or not.

  • No SSL certificate is available on this website.
  • Some social media links are fake, and the chatbot is not correctly workable.
  • Sometimes the coupon codes are shown as invalid.
  • Negative responses and complaints are the attention seekers for our team
  • Some positive responses are also available there, but they are not trustable.
  • We marked it suspicious with a 10% trust index score.

What is the customer’s opinion on the edreams?

We found a bunch of negative responses, and other positive comments are suspected as fake. That’s why we portray some words to clear the prominent imagery. 


Let’s check on the responses to verify is edreams legit or not?

Diana says,

“I booked my flight for 3 P.M, but the flight took off previously, which means the flight timing is showing wrong on the website. This experience is a horrible experience for me.”

Oliver says,


“After landing at the airport, I go straight to my booked hotel, but they say there is no booking available in my name. I showed them the booking details, but the managers said they are not collaborating with such a website.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 10%
Social media presence Yes 
SSL certificate No 
Customer responses Yes 

Hopefully, all scenarios are explicit in front of your eyes. This website is suspicious. If you still want to experiment with your travel plan, use this website to measure all kinds of safety plans.

You can share your views on is edreams legit in the comment section below and stay connected for more new articles.


How can I cancel my flight?


In most cases, they will cancel your booking. However, it won’t necessarily lead to a refund, depending on the ticket’s fare conditions.

What are the cancellation policies?

Depending on the fares and conditions of the airline, you may be entitled to a full, partial, or no refund. EDreams will charge a 60€ administration fee per ticket (unless you have selected a Standard or Premium option). Some airlines may also apply a cancellation fee, and many fares are non-refundable.

How do I cancel my booking?

They can only cancel tickets with regular airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, and Air France. If you’re traveling with a low-cost carrier (e.g., Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling), please contact the airline directly to request your cancellation.


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