Is Metroopinion Legit Or Not ? Check Customer Feedback

Some of you are wondering if it is metroopinion legit or not? If yes, then you have come in the right direction. >> Read the latest review with user feedback 2022.

As you all know, legitimacy can depend on various factors like domain age, trust index, customer reviews, and many more factors. To understand these things in detail, you should stick to our article.

Pandemic has affected our life badly. Some people have lost their jobs, some incomes have been reduced. In that case, metroopinion may be helpful for you.

Today, let’s help you with this article to understand what it is, specification, pros, cons and many more things in detail.

About metroopinion

It is an online survey paid company that gives you a money option. It is available free of cost. 

You should have a good internet connection, and you should take care of one thing: you should have the same account on the website you have for your Paypal account. 

Some personal details will be asked by this company when you register yourself on the website. To know is metroopinion legit, read the article further.


  • Website URL: metroopinion(dot)com
  • Email address: support(at)metroopinion(dot)com
  • Address: svanevej 22, 2nd floor, 2400 Copenhagen, NV, Denmark.
  • Contact details: Not mentioned.
  • Payment modes: PayPal, voucher, donations.
  • Payment earns 1 euro to 5 euro per survey. To read is metroopinion legit; please stay on the page.

The process to follow to get money from this platform?

It is quite simple and easy. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, register yourself by giving your name, email address, date of birth.
  • Then it will redirect you to the surveys—Answer with full honesty.
  • Do some surveys on the website and get the payment done for your work.

Three Payment modes:

  • PayPal: It is one of the easiest ways to get paid. With this option, you can easily withdraw the money.
  • Voucher: This is one of the popular ways of getting the money done.
  • Donations: You can even donate your money to the good work.


There are several advantages of using metroopinion, and they are as under: 

  • If you are looking for a part-time job, it could be best for you.
  • You get the money when you complete the survey.
  • No time boundation.
  • Free of cost services.
  • Easy to use.
  • It takes a few seconds to register yourself on the website.


Despite several advantages, the company has some cons as well, which you can go through with the below points:

  • The contact number is absent.
  • It is limited to some countries.

Is metroopinion legit?

We think that this is one of the most awaited questions for you. We have come up with the research on the internet, and we have found that the company is genuine due to the following reasons:

  • The company uses a secured web connection.
  • It gives you many testimonials on the website itself, which clearly says that people have earned from this company.
  • The company has a good presence on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • However, mixed reactions and feedback are received from the users.

So, it’s you who have to decide whether you should go for this company or not.

Metroopinion reviews by the users?

Is metroopinion legit? We have checked various customer reviews on the internet, finding a mixed response towards the company.

Some people said, 

“We have wasted our time in doing the work of this work, and in return, they won’t give you anything. It is a scam, and we have registered to the website, but we were unable to log in.” 

At the same time, some people said, 

“They are very helpful. They have clearly explained to you the payment process if you have any doubts.”

The company has achieved a 2 rating out of 5, considered a poor rating.

Final Verdict

Ssl encryptionYes
Customer reviewsYes
Social media presenceYes

Is metroopinion legit? In the end, we can conclude that the company is the legit one and you can choose this website for your side earning. You should take it as a secondary option. 

Have you used this website? If yes, please share your opinions with us in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting for your response. 

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