Is Jalen Rose Hair Real | Shocked! You Will Get Surprised?

Do you think NBA player Jalen Rose is wearing a wig? This question is still haunting us “Is Jalen Rose Hair Real?” He is famous as a sports analyst. He used to play basketball in his earlier days.

Jalen Rose is now a topic because of his perfectly shaped hair which makes him young at the age of 49. Jalen Rose is working for the NBA and is co-host of an ESPN talk show in the United States. After his appearance on a recent talk show, a few fans doubted his shaped hairline and claimed it to be fake. Jalen is wearing a wig to hide his real hair condition.

Here we are detailing more about this famous analyst to give you more information about his life, career, and more. Also, will find the answer to the question, “Is Jalen Rose hair real?”

Who is Jalen Rose?

Jalen Rose was a basketball player and now working as an analyst in the NBA and hosting various talk shows on ESPN. Jalen started podcasting with another friend eight years ago, which was his dream project. After receiving a massive response from the podcast, he began creating content on YouTube.

However, YouTube content allowed him to host a national radio show on ESPN, and he also worked late nights before getting a prime time slot. Rose established a foundation to give life-changing opportunities to the youths by developing different programs. Before focusing on the question, “Is Jalen Rose hair real?” we will check a little information about him. 

Biography of Jalen Rose

Birthday 30 January, 1973
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan 
ParentsJimmy Walker, Jeanne Rose
Child Mariah Rose
Height 2.03 m
Weight98 kgs
Net Worth$80 Million
AwardsNBA Most Improved Player Award, NBA All Rookie Team

Jalen Rose Professional life

Jalen Rose played for 13 long years in the NBA as a basketball player. He is the first athlete who maintains a luxurious lifestyle even after retirement. He is very popular as a great player who maintains a good relationship with fans and the entertainment world. In college life, also he formed a basketball team, played exceptionally, and appeared in many championships. Rose bagged many awards and achievements throughout his life, and his most recent award was Michigan Basketball Hall of Fame 2017. 

Jalen Rose’s Personal Life

Jalen Rose had several relationships, but he got married to Molly Qerim in 2018. They were blessed with a baby girl named Mariah Rose. But their relationship didn’t last long. In 2021, the first news came out about their broken relationship and divorce. Rose filed the divorce against his wife with the accusation of having an affair.

They parted away mutually without creating any complications in their lives. In an interview, he said they both had no harsh feelings for their partners and parted peacefully. 

Jalen Rose Controversies

His controversial comments on many issues always trap Rose. Firstly we will focus on the statement he made on Suns’ Robart Server that Robert didn’t pay fairly to Deandre Ayton and abused him, which will affect the playground. Rose always has a weakness towards black players as he had a tough childhood. After realizing his comment turned in the wrong way and finding it insulting, he apologized to Robert. 

Again he commented on Ime Udoka’s affair on a telecast of his show. He asked why the name of the person coming into light with whom the Celtics Head coach had an affair is. After making such remarks, he became the topic of controversy. Later he apologized for his statement and the question he raised. Now another argument is trending about his hair. Tweeters raised the question, “Is Jalen Rose hair real?”

Is Jalen Rose hair real?

During the NBA finals, Jalen Rose again came to the headline for his perfect hairline. Few fans said he was wearing a wig, and few said he spray-painted his hair. Few posted on Twitter that his hair is not natural as his hairline is perfect in a ridiculous manner. Rose doesn’t respond much to all the questions that arise about him, but this time he posted back to the tweeters. He replied and said all are saying all these out of jealousy. They mocked Rose and his hairdresser in many ways by posting a closer look at the haircut Jalen Rose has. But all these tweets and posts failed to prove that his hair is fake.


People need a topic to start a controversy, and they got the trending query, “Is Jalen Rose Hair real?” Seeing his perfect hairline, you can also need clarification about its authenticity. At 49, he looks younger due to his hair after many tweets and posts on his hair required to clarify its reality.

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