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Do you want to know whether it is textbroker legit or not? Here is an article about textbroker in a detailed manner. It is a platform that helps to generate creative content very quickly.

This article will help you to know about this website. Textbroker is a site where you can find content about any topic. Read further to learn everything in detail.

What is a textbroker?


It is a website that quickly provides content. There’s no need to go through various sites to research a specific topic. You can get everything here it’s a complete shop which also offers fast and accessible translations of text in multiple languages. 

This site is beneficial for many people. Writers can get help from this site for their research and articles. This site will be helpful to many students in completing their school assignments. 


There needs to be a monthly payment on textbroker. You can pay for the content you want after you get it. Therefore, it eliminates monthly payments and saves you money. You’ll only pay for the content you obtained from them.

It also provides keyword content. The website is easy to access and helps users in every possible way. They provide unique and SEO content to the users. It’s an excellent website for content writers. 


  • Contact – (702) 534-3832
  • Email – clients@textbroker.com
  • Address – Las Vegas, Nevada 
  • Social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn 
  • Low–quality articles are priced at 2.3 cents per word, medium-quality pieces are priced at 3.2 cents per word, and high-quality articles are priced at 9.0 cents per word.
  • Registration on this website is free of cost.
  • The website focuses mainly on structure, phrasing & language, content, and form.


  • The quality of the content is excellent and plagiarism free.
  • They hire writers who write your content and provide you with unique articles.
  • Registration is free of cost, and you have to only pay for the content you have ordered.
  • This website eliminates monthly payments and saves you money.


  • The people who work for the textbroker have to wait for approval.
  • Payment to freelancers is significantly less.
  • The writers have to give their personal information to work with textbroker. 
  • They only allow content writing jobs.

What are the reviews about textbroker?

Positive reviews

  • The quality of the content is excellent, and the customers have ordered many times, but the quality remains the same.
  • Customers are linked to the writers, who are professional about their work and understand the customer’s needs.
  • Prices of the articles are very reasonable, which makes them worth using repetitively.
  • The writers are very humble and kind to the customers. They understand the topic and provide customers with outstanding results.

Negative reviews

Therefore, this website is worth using again and again. There are no negative reviews about it.


They hire professional writers and then provide customers with outstanding articles. They make the customer’s work very easy and the website is straightforward to access, and registration is free of cost.

Is the textbroker legit?

There’s no doubt that the website is safe. The reviews are very optimistic about this website. This website is available in many countries. They have provided their information on the website in full detail and are linked to various writers also, offer services worldwide. It has helped customers and writers expand their knowledge on multiple topics. 


This article would have answered your question about whether it is textbroker legit. The site is excellent, not a scam. No suspicious activities are going on on this website. 


Thus, this article about “textbroker legit” states that the website is safe and they helped many customers as per the reviews. We would like to prefer this website to the customers and also writers who want to work.

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