Is kwoken legit

Is kwoken legit? This article is about the website kwoken, which started as an online jewelry store but now is a complete lifestyle store with a vast range of gift items, merchandise, etc. We are here to discuss their authenticity to make your experience with them more reliable.

Recently, there has been a surge in online portals in the United States dealing in these fashion apparel. Still, it becomes challenging to differentiate between reliable and fraudulent sources with so many options available. It is always advisable to do a background check on every website before making any final purchase.

What is kwoken?


It is an online shopping portal currently dealing in various merchandise like clothes, shoes, accessories, and other fashion products on its website. The products are accessible to all due to their extremely low prices and a huge variety of collections. But with such low prices, there rise suspicions like is kwoken legit or not. 

When the prices seem unrealistic, there is a probability that the website must be a dropshipper. The dropshipper buys products from low price wholesalers who directly dispatch the product to the customers on the website.


They keep the website updated with the latest trendy clothing styles and collections that flock users to their website. If you are looking for a detailed review to find out more about the website, don’t worry; we have got you covered in this article.


  • The address mentioned on their website is 719 NW 104th Avenue, Miami, FL 33172, United States.
  • The customer care number provided on the website is 313-718-2735
  • They accept payment through any Credit or debit cards, including VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal.
  • They are currently dealing in various merchandise like clothing, shoes, gift items.
  • The delivery time of their product takes about 8 to 15 days to get delivered. 
  • You can email them requesting a return of the product. They have 30 days return period and don’t charge the users for shipping.
  • For international shipments, they work with EMS, TNT, DSL services. You can track your item using their links.
  • These shipping methods are standard and provide good assistants to the customers.


  • They offer services globally.
  • It is an online portal and easily accessible to all.
  • They provide 24/7 customer service.
  • They have a huge collection of products that gives the customers a good number of options to choose from.
  • The products on the website are available at a very low price.
  • There are multiple ways in which they accept payment.
  • All the orders can be tracked online after they have been dispatched.


  • There refund services are not very well organized and very primitive.
  • People have been facing issues tracking their product, and the company doesn’t provide the tracking ID instantly after the product is dispatched.
  • The quality of products is questionable and not up to the mark.
  • The customer care services are very under satisfactory.

Is kwoken legit or not?

The website is relatively new and was launched on 23 Feb 2021 and shows some red flags making us question its legitimacy. We did an extensive analysis of their website and read their terms, conditions, policies. We also tried to locate their social media handles but did not find any presence. We found a few reviews on the open-source but found no customer feedback on the official website.

They are new in this line of business and are doubted to be drop-shipper. We are not entirely confident about their legitimacy, and we would suggest you read through the product details and reviews before making any purchase.

What are the reviews by the customer?


We read various responses on the reviews section on open sources, and the customers have raved about their under the satisfactory quality of products. The drop shipper websites generally have a poor quality of products and disturbing return policies. 

Their shipment delivery depends upon other services EMT, DNS, TNT, and the official website does not take any responsibility for the product once it is dispatched.


Some reviews called the website an outright scam, but we would like to be a little lenient on these harsh comments and see how the website performs in the future. All these responses from customers give a real insight to find is kwoken legit or not. This helps new customers to make a well-informed purchase.


Ensure to read through the website and their product reviews to know whether they are is kwoken legit or not before buying them. 

Social media presenceNo
Trust scoreNot available
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionNo

If you are already using their products do share your views with us. We love hearing from our readers.


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