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Hey! Are you looking for a Roblox wheel. com reviews? With this article, you will get to know all the information about this trendy platform for Robux.

Covid 19 has affected everyone’s life, from kids to adults. Theatres, shopping malls are closed. To get rid of the boredom, developers across countries like the United States, Canada, France, and Germany have launched new platforms for online video games. 


Out of them, the Roblox wheel is one of them. Let’s check out its reviews from the users, what the platform is about, and many more things.

What is the Roblox wheel?

In the United States, daily scam generators are coming that claim to give you the free Robux. But in actual they just steal your personal information, and you won’t get benefited from them.  

It is an online platform that claims to provide you Robux for free with the help of wheel spin. If you feel bored, you can join this website with your friends and earn Robux for free. As per the company claims, it is safe and never asks you for a password.


It gives you a spin game for Robux lovers and helps you to generate the Robux for up to $1700. You can use this Robux to buy various items in the Roblox game like accessories, skin items, cosmetics, shoes for your character avatar.

You need to follow specific rules to get the Robux. So are you ready to earn the Robux from this website? If yes, then keep continuing to read the article.


  1. Website URL:
  2. Product category: Gives free Robux.
  3. Contact information: Not available.
  4. Address: Not available.

Steps tp gain $$ Robux successfully to your account?

Below are the mentioned steps to get Robux from the Roblox wheel. com:

  • Connect your device to the internet and open your web browser.
  • Go to the official website i.e.,
  • Under type in your Roblox username to continue to enter your username.
  • Click on the continue button. It won’t ask you to enter the password.
  • Now you have to select the yes or no option under the step 2 process, asking if this is your Roblox profile.
  • When you click on the Next button, a pie chart will display several Robux like 100 Robux, 400, 800, and 1700 Robux.
  • When you select the number of Robux, the wheel will rotate, and it will ask you to click on the claim Robux.
  • When you click on that option, it will ask you to join the group and will ask you to select the captcha.
  • After selecting the captcha, it gives you some errors and wants you to complete the surveys.
  • After doing all the activities, the Robux will be added to your account as per company claims.

Is the website a scam or legit?


The Roblox wheel. com is not the authentic website as it claims. We have checked the website legitimacy based on the following parameters like Alexa rating, customer reviews, social media presence. Let’s check it one by one:

  • We have found that the users have a negative opinion about this website as they are not satisfied with the services, 
  • The website has a good presence on Pinterest, 
  • Alexa rating was 9,078,465,
  • The website was registered on 01.07.2020. It is a one-year-old website.

Yet the website is one year old, and the Alexa rating was good, but still, it is considered a scam website as the users do not find it helpful to generate the Robux. It will ask you to fill several surveys to get the Robux.

Users reviews towards Roblox wheel. com:

Users’ reviews are essential to judge the credibility of any website. We have tried to find the user’s reviews about this platform, and we have received negative thoughts about it. Users are not happy with the wheel spin services as they wasted time filling various surveys.


ParametersYes/ No/%
Social media presenceYes
Trust score1
Customer reviewsYes
SSL EncryptionYes

At last, we can recapitulate that Roblox is a massively popular online video game that got attention across the world. Roblox wheel. com is one such website that claims to give you the free Robux but it is a scam website as it violates the terms of the Roblox game.

Hence, we recommend you avoid this website otherwise it may do a fraudulent activity with your account. We request you to share this important information with your loved ones to get trapped in such types of websites.

We will be delighted if you share your experiences and comments which you faced while visiting this website?


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