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When we hear about food, an instant smile crashes on our lips. So, today we are discussing is legit? We can’t deny that our favorite food lifts our mood instantly. So, it is a very important thing for both our health and our heart. is a site that offers great discounts and deals on the foods from our favorite restaurants. It is a United States-based company. is only accessible in the US. Read the article carefully to learn more about this site.

What is


As we previously mentioned, it is a site which offers great deals and discounts on food. Gift cards are the only way to access the website properly. 

You have to purchase gift cards from the website; you can avail yourself of various restaurants and cafes. So there are some eligibility criteria available for this, which are mentioned below.


Eligibility criteria for 

  • You need to be 18 years or above to access this site.
  • You need to be a legitimate US citizen.
  • You need to have an authorized residence in the US.

Twenty-one thousand restaurants are available on the website. 


  • Contact number details : (855) 832 – 8728 applicable for orders, 
  • (877) 640 – 1849 customer service number.
  • Contact address detail: 1500 West Shure Drive, Suite 600, Arlington Heights, lL – 600004. 
  • Email: No information available at this moment.
  • Opening hours: 8:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M.
  • Category: Online food ordering site.
  • Payment options: Online payment through Credit cards and Debit cards.
  • Delivery options: Home delivery and takeaway available.
  • Order process: Gift cards.
  • Pricings: $10 
  • Rank: 223rd
  • Senior Vice president: Sarah N.

Pros of it:

  • is a great site that helps you to save money on your food.
  • The home delivery option is applicable.
  • Various restaurants are available on this website. 

Cons of it:

  • Poor and non-responsive customer service.
  • Bad communication method.
  • You have to spend money on buying a gift card.
  • They do not officially authorize many enlisted restaurants. 
  • Unavailability of various payment methods.

Is legit or not?

We can’t consider it as a legit site because of high negative reviews and bunches of unsolved problems. After deep research, we found only negative thoughts about it. 


Various sites rate it with 1 star or 1.5 stars out of 5 stars. So, the actual scenario is crystal clear. They also didn’t have a valid email address. After spotting such negative points, we are not considering it as legit. Undoubtedly, this website is a scam website.

Customer’s opinion about it:

As we mentioned in the above stanza, we only found many negative reviews and solved the question is legit. Many customers claimed that they spotted many restaurants enlisted on the website but not officially authorized by the site. 


Various people said that the site forced them to buy gift cards. All in all, we found an entire negative wave covering the whole website and rated it as 1 star out of 5 stars.


So, as we mentioned in the above paragraph, we consider it a scam website. So, be aware and a bit careful if you still want to try this site. Your safety is in your own hands. If you still want to explore it, the website is just there for you. Search it and access it based on your safety concerns and be careful.

Hopefully, you sketch a better idea of this site after reading is legit. Stay connected for more interesting articles and information. And also comment your views and experience towards it.


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