Is Website Legit Or Not ? Beware 2022

Is website legit? Recently people are getting very curious about play station selling websites named rolling Carts. Many lost their money?

They found the website and started asking different queries about the website. This thing is natural. When people encounter such websites with cheap rates, they will be attracted.


Here we are to find the truth if the site is really accurate or just making false promises to buyers and be there to fraud them. There are different kinds of statements and information available on the website, and we need to scrutinize them to let you know the truth.


The first question which hovers around our mind when we start discussing the website website legit or not? Firstly, this is a gadget selling e-commerce sectors that offer various categories and mouth-watering offers in their portal.

That’s one of the biggest reasons people are so attracted to them and eager to find out the truth. Though their presence is very suspicious, we will soon reveal all details about the site and let you know the facts.


  • Category: gadgets 
  • Niche: online e-commerce platform 
  • Contact number: no information is available on the website 
  • Web email address: the email address is not available 
  • Address: no official address is given on the website to make people aware.


  • The website offers an extensive range of gadgets and machine products.
  • They provide sales over the year, and the prices are unbelievably low than any other website.
  • They also offer fast delivery in their portal.
  • They ship the product all over the globe.
  • No shipping charges are allocated for local areas.


  • No official contact details are available there to contact them.
  • You can’t find any reviews and real pictures of the gadget and different items on their website.
  • According to reports, sometimes the server of this website is down, and the website design is inferior.

What are the available items in their portal?


Before answering whether is website legit or not, let’s keep an eye on all available products:

  • Various versions of PlayStation
  • Water machine
  • Gas releasing machine
  • Grasscutter machine
  • Modifier tools 
  • Inventory tools
  • Home repair tools
  • Kitchen tools
  • Controllers
  • Gaming consoles 

Some items are available at a cheaper rate than on other contemporary websites.

Is website legit, and what are the reviews?


According to our research, is suspicious and not trustworthy. Recently the site gets blocked, and nothing is operating on the website. We may find different suspicious activities on this site.

When we tried to open the website, we saw that the portal was forbidden and no information was available. After going through deep research, we get that there are also no customer reviews available on any source on the internet.

The overall impression of this site got hampered. Because we didn’t find any reviews and there are no shared past experiences with this website, we marked it a scam with a 1% trust score.


It is better not to trust them. Yes, the prices are surprisingly low, but you didn’t get the respective thing you ordered. 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 1% 
Social media presence No  
Customer opinion No     

In our opinion, the answer to whether is website legit or not is a no, and this is ultimately a fake website. It is better to avoid this website, and we found different false activities. Hopefully, the whole vision is clear to you.

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