Cult Fit Reviews by Fitness Experts, Check and Verified 2022

What are the cult fit reviews? Is it the best gym around? Get all the details with timing details, equipment, etc. Also, get a free trial and classes.

Everyone is getting mad over their fitness. If we put on a survey, we must find that most people are not satisfied with their body and health and want to improve it. They are always looking for new gym memberships and other fitness regimes.

One fitness brand which is significantly growing like a fire in India is cult fitness. Everyone is heard about this fitness brand, but still, they have a lot of queries about their brand and what are the benefits because there are so many different centres available why people will choose this brand? We are here to help you out.

What is a cult fit?


Cult fit is one of the gym and fitness organizations started in Bangalore. The community has grown massively, and now they have hundred gym centres in fifteen cities. It is obvious many people are asking about cult fit reviews. 

Cult fit developed them as a brand all over these years. In Bangalore, India, there will be only a few people who have not experienced them or didn’t attend the trial classes. 

Mostly everyone at least took the first trial classes. Then took fitness classes in a group in different shifts. You can choose your preferred time during the day or night. The cult will prepare everything, such as a plan. They will provide a trainer and all equipment.


  • Category: fitness 
  • Headquarters: in Bangalore, you can find an office in Hyderabad.
  • Contact number: every city has a different number. It is better to download their application. It will help you locate the cult fit in your city and find its number.
  • Email address:

What are the pricing plans of cult fit?


When discussing a review, it is essential to share the pricing plan. So, we shared the whole pricing rate for more precise insight into these cult fit reviews. The monthly charge of cult fit is 1500, but the yearly subscription with free food is charged 18000 around.

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What are the positive features of this program?

Let’s get into the cult fit reviews and find out the positive features.

  • The first and foremost positive feature is that this fitness program offers different workouts and various body warming sessions. They include boxing, prowl, kettlebell, dance, yoga and football in their regime. It shows that there is everything for everyone.
  • They always give the fitness lessons in a group. So, people who are afraid of alone enjoy such group activities.
  • Their trainer is very interactive and easygoing, which makes the atmosphere light. Also, the facilities and types of equipment are maintained with hygiene. 
  • Also, the cult fitness community has a cafe inside it.

What are the negative points about cult fit?

We also need to look at negative features in cult fit reviews with positive points. 

  • One can’t gain muscle and strength in this fitness program because there is no such heavy activity program available in their courses.
  • No one is there to look after all single people personally. One can hide behind any person, and a trainer can overlook you because you hide in such a big group.

What are the cult fit reviews by the users?


We found plenty of reviews, but all reviews are drastically wrong, and the users are not satisfied with the program and its services. Most of them ate disappointed in them. Most of the reviews were rated with two stars ratings. Also, after analyzing it, we marked it with 55%. 

Mukesh says,

the company’s outlook is tremendous, and people are very interactive. Also, they hire a lot of stars to promote them, but the truth is they only run their money business, and they overlook people and can’t pay much attention to them.

Ratings: ★★★★☆


Rita says,

She enjoyed the various activities, but they put so many people in the same batch that the group looked clustered, making a workout very difficult.

Ratings: ★★★☆☆


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 55% 
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

Hopefully, the cult fit reviews are clearer to our readers. You can prefer this gym. Please share your experiences with us through the comment section. Our box is also open for views, opinions and criticism. Drop everything there.


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