Lego Viking Ship 2022

Get lego viking ship 2022 at discounted offer? The 585-Piece set includes 6 mini-figures, oars, shields, and Viking accessories. More to release in 2022?

Lego toys are something that can successfully indulge both kids and youngsters. Even some middle-aged and older adults who have the habit of collecting toys are very much into Lego and its new launch. And surprisingly, Lego always comes up with something exciting every six months.

For the past few months, a rumor was raised that Lego is coming up with something never before. And recently, a look got leaked. Naturally, it is a giant buzz creature, and everyone wants to know about it in detail. That’s why we are here with a bunch of information to share.

About Lego

Lego is a Denmark-based brand which is into the toy business since 1932. And now, they are available almost all over the world, and they also have various amusement parks public all over the globe.

The revenue of the company is around $43.7 billion, according to 2020 reports. Nearly twenty thousand employees are working under the Lego group.

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About lego viking ship 2022

The new Viking ship comes with a Midgard serpent, and it is reported that it is three in one set. The theme is very similar to the last 2005 Viking theme, and the classic build structure has remained the same here. 

Let’s come on the outlook of the ship. The view is quite catchy, and it has classic White and red sails. You can find different shields available in different colors on both sides. Also, you can spot three new miniature figures public in the set. 

When will it launch and what is its cost?

It is now getting into the most trending question about lego viking ship 2022. This set is referred to as the summer sets, and it will launch in June, most probably 1st June is the official date of releasing the date. 

We also research and found out that the price range of these three in one set is nearly around $119.99. This is the official price of these three in one set. Our analysis shows that the new Viking model is related to the last models, and it brings back a little nostalgia among old fans.

What are the other upcoming projects for Lego in 2022?

In our research on lego viking ship 2022, we also updated about the new launch of some other toys. We are also goings to share their updates here

  • Off-road buggy
  • Forest mythical creatures 
  • Speedster 
  • Super mech
  • Supersonic jet
  • Dolphin and turtle
  • Majestic tiger
  • Noodle shop
  • Townhouse 
  • Submarine 

The cost of this range starts from $9 to $59.95. You can find toys and models from all different fields to buy. A mew fresh air is a new toy set revolution. 

What are the unique features of the Viking set?

There are different features of lego viking ship 2022, which we compiled here to make you aware of.

  • The unique serial number is 31132with which you can identify quickly.
  • This is a pure nostalgic throwback to Lego’s most loved Viking themes, and it also brings back a great essence of Norse mythology.
  • The three in one set is more than just a ship. Here you got different action figures and other kinds of stuff which made it superior.

What are the previews about the lego products?

Usually, people are always anxious if they hear any new lego product is up to launch. This time there is also no exception. 

Rozar said that he is saving money to get that set on the first day, and he is constantly checking the website and other portals to get the order or pre-order option.

Austin said that when the rumor breaks, he is always on the website to find out the set’s pricing details and release dates. 


The lego viking ship 2022 is something for which people are waiting patiently to grab it. As we mentioned earlier, the release date is June, so keep waiting until it officially releases.

Please share your excitement and views with us through the comment section below. We would love to see your responses.

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