Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks – Get Free VBucks (May 2022)

Enter Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks and access unlimited Vbucks. Are you a Fortnite game fan? How to get free Vbucks, read this full article.

If your answer is yes! Then, you must be aware of the importance of v-bucks. Getting enough amount of this virtual currency can help you modify your entire gameplay and get the latest items from inventory.

Alaabionline is online portal marketing itself in the United States as a v-bucks provider for performing some simple tasks. Fortnite is a popular game, so many such third-party authentication websites try to exploit the brand name for their benefit. To identify the authenticity of this platform, read the article till the end.

What is an Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks?


When you search this link on any browser, you will get redirected to a website sharing free v-bucks to all the users. They do not ask for any money in return, and you need to perform a download of the suggested app by the domain. 

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Before you begin to trust them, you must understand that it is a third-party authentication. All the v-bucks you get from it are illegal according to the guidelines of Fortnite, and it is unsafe, and there is no guarantee that you will get v-bucks from this domain.

How to get free v-bucks from Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks?


Do you want to try this website to get free v-bucks? Use the guideline given below.

  • You can access this website through any device with an active internet connection or Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose a trusted browser like Google Chrome to visit the link Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks.
  • You will see a new page advertising itself to give you free v-bucks.
  • It is a welcome sister of a floating box prompting you to put your username of Fortnite in it.
  • Then click on the symbol of the operator you are using to access their domain. Press enter.
  • Now it will take some time to search for the username in Fortnite game data.
  • You will get redirected to another page with a few options to choose the number of v-bucks.
  • Now it will load all the chosen amounts to your account. Then they will ask you to perform some functions to verify this transfer. The website mostly asks you to download games and other apps.
  • Once you complete this procedure, you will receive the chosen number of v-bucks.

Is this a legit platform?

Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks seems like many other third-party websites that try to manipulate the players of big games by offering them virtual currency and assets. 

When we used this domain, we put up some fake usernames, and the portal verified it as a valid player in Fortnite. It depicts that it is not checking the Fortnite server and only trying to look authentic by acting like they are searching your username.


After following all the steps, we could not gain a single v-bucks. You can try the guideline given above yourself, and maybe you will have a different outcome than ours. 

But the probability of getting any v-bucks from them is very low. The website is newly created and has an untrustworthy trust score. All the aspects suggest that it is not a legitimate platform to deal with.

User reviews on Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks

The open sources lack any review for this, so we could not judge its credibility on the comments from users. It is a new website, so there is no audience to judge its credibility. The platform does not have any review section to store the experience of previous users.


You try to locate the social media handles but fail to find any of them. We would advise you not to waste your time on such deceitful sources. They are not only wasting your time but also contain viruses and malware, and these can harm your device.


Alaabionline. Com/games/vbucks is an online source for free v-bucks. Though it seems reliable, all the aspects come under the suspicious radar. Still, many players in the United States want to try them. So you can use the guidelines given above.

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