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Is Sweatcoin Legit Or Not ? Read Users Feedback (2022)

Is sweatcoin legit and safe?Sweatcoin is offering various offers, including gift cards, to its users. You just have to keep yourself healthy; how? So, start walking, jogging and read this article.

Some people love to walk and also some people are lazy and hate to walk. But if I said an application is developed that pays you to keep moving, what will be your Reaction? Yes, you heard ut right. There is an application that delivers you to walk. 

Now, the main point is all about its legitimacy. We will help you to find whether it is safe to use or not. To reach the final verdict, we will disclose all other facts and share every update regarding the application, which will help you know the function better.

What is sweatcoin, and how does it work?

Sweat coin is an innovative application that counts your movements and walking time and keeps track of it, and with a particular activity, they pay you points which you can redeem for your good. Now the, is sweatcoin legit?

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Before going into such a complex matter, let’s know the working process of the app. Though it sounds straightforward, earning points is not so easy. They pay you 1 point for every 1000 steps. So, getting points is not so easy. 

But this application will keep motivating you to earn more and more points. You are very energetic. You can get q0 points each day or more. The issue will store on your account, and you can redeem them as a gift card or donate it to charity. Both options will be fine. 


  • Category: Step tracker
  • Type: Application
  • Fee: it is a free application
  • Payout ways: gift cards and charity donations


  • This application will help you keep track of the total counts of movement and burning calories.
  • It will pay you with every step you walk.
  • It will motivate you to walk more, and it is the best option if you plan to walk every day. It will reward you, and human psychology will satisfy and want to reach the goal.


  • Earning rewards costs a lot more, like 1000 steps.
  • There is a specific limit to earning points.
  • And you can’t redeem points every time. There is a limit to redeeming points.

Is sweatcoin legit?

When it comes to earning points and getting gift cards, the whole question is about trust and verification of the scam. Sweatcoin is an application that rewards people for leading a healthy lifestyle.

According to our research, there is nothing to worry about regarding the legitimacy of sweatcoin. It is secured, and no such fraudulent activities are spotted.

Hopefully, is sweatcoin legit is clear to you. But to make your vision clear, we provide other crucial information which builds your trust. This application has been available in the market for more than five years. All social media handles are accurate.

All users of this application are delighted and tell that their promises are real, and they are offering various ranges of gift cards to choose from.

It would be best to match the goals to get points and get the rewards. No such negative responses are found. We mark this website as legit with an 80% trust score.

How to redeem rewards points from sweatcoin?

Apart from whether it is sweatcoin legit, another crucial question is the redemption process.

  • Firstly go to the website.
  • Click on the reward portal.
  • You can see reward store options.
  • Click on the opportunity.
  • You can find two different options: gift cards and another is charity.
  • Choose your preferred option and select the specific option.
  • Choose it, click on the buy now option, and checkout using points.
  • The codes will be delivered in five business days through your email.


Parameters Remark
Trust score 80%
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes

Expectedly, all things regarding is sweatcoin legit or not. This application is a legit platform, and every energetic person who is significantly in love with walking earns points according to their daily fitness regime. 

Please share your experiences with us through our comment section below. We would l9ve to receive your responses.

  1. What are the criteria to earn points?

    The only criteria are walking more and more. With every 1000 movements, you get 1 point.

  2. What are the different options to redeem points?

    There are two different options available to redeem rewards one is charity, and another is gift cards of other brands.

  3. Are they charged any fees to use their application?

    No, they charged nothing to use the application. It is a free application.

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