Is Uswitch Legit

What are your thoughts on is uswitch legit? There are many queries available for uswitch. This product is not so new, but still, there is no stuff available about this website. Nowadays, power saving is an essential topic. Everyone is looking for new ways to save power and energy. To help their many new products are coming on the market.

This brand belongs to the United Kingdom. Many new questions and doubts are arising continuously. That’s why serving their demands; we are here with a bunch of new information regarding uswitch. There are many new updates, pros, cons, legitimacy index, and customer responses; another crucial fact about this website and operator is to reveal.

What is uswitch?

It is better to serve a precise intro of this brand before jumping on any is uswitch legit questions. This website provides various services to save energy and save your money. If you pay attention to your electricity bills, you can see it consumes a lot of money. 


Instead of using the old ways, the switch gets you a chance to save both energy and precious money. We listed out all available services on this platform and mentioned them below.

A detailed list of available services on this platform;

  • Mortgage.
  • Home phone.
  • Broadband.
  • Digital television.
  • Mobile broadband.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Car insurance.
  • Home insurance.
  • Health insurance.


  • Category: Energy savings services.
  • Type: Online active service.
  • Cost: You have to contact the company to let you know about the actual cost of your required service.
  • Email address: customerservice(at)uswitch(dot)com.
  • Contact Number: 0800 404 7088.
  • Payment method: You can pay through PayPal, credit card, and debit card.


  • This service provides energy savings facilities to your home and conference centers.
  • This service covers a large area of different systems and devices.
  • This website offers only online services to help people. 
  • All their services can only be operated from mobile devices or any connectivity devices available in your house.


  • They didn’t offer doorstep servicing facilities.
  • No offline stores are available on the market.
  • No specific pricing details are available on the website.
  • No contact address is available on their official website.

Is uswitch legit? 

Now is the time to reveal the most awaited answers. We researched this matter to its core and found many surprising facts about it. We present several positive points about this company here to rectify our statement.

  • It has both the security certificates acknowledged on their website. These security certificates help everyone to secure their data.
  • This company has been running its business for the last five years. 
  • Many people claim that they save a lot of money for this service and are impressed with their services.
  • We mark it legit with a 70% trust score.
  • They have a great appearance on social media platforms which is also strongly evident in their legitimacy.
  • They also have a separate complaint portal, a news portal.

What is the customer’s opinion in uswitch reviews?

We found several positive responses from the existing customers. We portray some responses here to let you know about the real-life experience. According to them, the answer of whether it is uswitch legit is yes.


Lionel said, 

“This service is amazing to save money. It almost saved me and my ₹110 in previous years, which is not a small amount.

Kara said,

 “I am impressed with their services. They are offering such helpful services to people without taking any extra charges.”


Parameters Remarks 
Trust score 70%
Social media presence Yes    
SSL certificate Yes    
Customer review Yes 

According to our research, this service is legit, and you can try this to save your money with your concern. Expectedly, all your queries have been solved till now.

If any questions are left, or you want to share your opinions on “Is uswitch legit” or not, drop your views and questions in the comment section.


How does Uswitch make money?

Uswitch has commercial agreements in place with some suppliers across all our services. We charge suppliers a fee when we switch customers to them, which means we can provide free service. 


Can I trust Uswitch?

Yes, while they might receive a small commission fee when you sign up for a service or purchase a product through our site, they only care that you switch to the right deal or product for you.

Why do people use Uswitch?

People use Uswitch because they help you find the best product or tariff for your needs. Switching suppliers saves their customers hundreds of pounds on their bills and is easy to do. 


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