Stuck at home throughout the pandemic and want to enjoy by striking some exciting and entertaining games. Today we will be leading you through the reviews of the jackbox.tv gaming platform to make your experience more pleasant and pandemic more endurable. 

Now innumerable citizens in the United States, irrespective of their age and generation, are addicted to playing games online. The business for the gaming sector can never overload with ever-increasing gamers and their different and dynamic inclinations. Keep reading further to find out more about one such excellent gaming platform.

What is jackbox.tv?

Jackbox Games is a company based in Chicago that develops video games for the party. They are mostly known for their party packs, usually preferred by people to play in groups and entertainment. They also have a very successful collection of word games such as Quiplash and Fibbage. The drawing games launched by them, such as Tee K.O, have recently gained a lot of traction.


The games can be controlled by the players on their android phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. It was launched as a small studio as a children’s television production company named Learn Television. Later they rebranded themselves as Jellyvision games and explored various quiz games which the users loved.

In 2013 they again went ahead and rebranded themselves as Jackbox Games.

How to use Jack box games?

By following these very simple steps mentioned below, you can play your favorite jack box games.

  • Begin by affirming an active internet connection on your device
  • Then buy a party pack games or a collection of games as per your preference for the device you want to play on
  • The host will be receiving a code for the respective part pack game
  • The code will be required by the players to join the room in the game.
  • To join the game, the players need to visit the jackbox.tv website
  • There everyone can very easily enjoy various available fun party games.
  • The games are very interesting and competitive and keep the users engaged and party-lit.

Is the jack box legit or not?


We went through their entire website and their social media handles; after extensive research and thoroughly reading their terms, conditions, policies, we think that the site is legit. The gaming platform jackbox.tv saw a major influx of new players in the year 2020 and has become very popular.

They are being loved across the globe, and all their games are a major success. People have been playing them in groups, teams, and at parties. Try it out for yourself to know what the fun is about, but we would recommend doing a thorough background analysis before getting into its services.

What is the jack box Review by the user?

They have received an overwhelmingly positive response for jackbox.tv games, especially after the covid-19 lockdown. The people appreciated all their games on the online platforms and said they conducted online party games and connected with their friends and office colleagues.


One of the users said the games keep you engaged and wanting more. 

They have labeled the games as both fun and intelligent. They have been rated 4.5 out of 5 by many users, which is a very positive response.

When we analyzed the sample of 2200+ comments, we reached the following conclusions. 


A total of 76 percent of customers has given them a 5-star rating. Around 12 percent of users rated them 4 stars, and 7 percent rated them with 3 stars and 2 stars combined. A meager 4 percent of users rated with 1 star. This analysis throws an even brighter light on the positive response for their excellent performing games.


They have been in survival in the United States for some remarkable time now. With the expanding number of users, they need to improve the services to fulfill all the growing demands, and the errors need to be addressed effectively to retain its position as a well-known brand. A thorough examination at your end regarding each game is recommended before making any purchase.

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