Lending Tree Reviews

Before you proceed with the platform, we suggest you know, Lending tree reviews. Lending Tree is the best platform for taking personal loans to fulfill your needs of starting a business, constructing a house, or sending your son to his dream University for higher studies. It is a company where we can make money and loans from the lenders with less interest and pay back in installments. 

If you want to get loans for the best interest rates and credit score, you must know about the lending tree. In recent times, it is known to gain popularity among the United States people for giving loans by connecting them with the best lenders. Their terms of repayment are flexible for the persons who take a loan from them.

What is a Lending Tree?


The lending tree is known to connect its customers to the lenders who have a partnership with the company. The uniqueness of this company is that it will leave the choice to the customer, and they can select their lender from the list of lenders available. Every lender differs based on the interest rate they charge and the amount of money they are ready to provide you.

Various types of loans available are:

  • Home loans
  • Personal loans
  • Student loans
  • Debt relief
  • Free credit score
  • Insurance

When the issues are with money, we need to proceed with care. So in the article, we will seeLending tree reviewsto see its legitimacy.


The terms and conditions for applying for a loan are made at the comfort of the customer. They need three simple steps from you to complete the application process. They are:

  • Apply from your phone or laptop for the loan by giving correct information of your details.
  • Funds will be credit into your account on the same day of your application if it is processed successfully and the lenders are ready to give the money.
  • You can get a loan amount of $100- $15000.
  • Repay term: You can repay within the time you choose based on the money you take from them.
  • Interest: It may vary based on the credit amount from 59% to 182%.
  • Contact address: LendingTree, LLC 1415 Vintage Park Drive, Suite 700, Charlotte, NC 28203s, United States.
  • Contact number: 1 800 813 4620.
  • You can see the lending tree here: https://www.lendingtree.com/.
  • Hours of operation: 8 am to 9 pm.
  • Email address: Not found on the website.


  • You can choose the lender who is more flexible to you.
  • You can choose terms of repayment based on your choice.
  • We can shop and compare the loans.
  • You can get a loan of a maximum of $15000.
  • You can get various types of loans for your every need.
  • Interest rates depend upon the purpose you take a loan.
  • No application fee
  • No annual fee
  • No origination fee
  • No late fee
  • No prepayment fee


  • There is no email address provided so that we can write our issues to them.
  • Crediting through bank service is the only option of repayment in the United States.
  • Interest rates are high compared to the other loan-providing websites.

Is lending tree legit?

From the viewpoint of customers, the main legitimacy checkpoint is their contact information. For this company, there is contact information available. And upon research, it turns out to be true. 


The website gives more insights than a user wants. It gives all the details about their partners. It also gives the contact information of the lenders, and nothing seems to be suspicious.

Based on these things, we may say that this platform is reliable. To make it a bit strong, let us also see what customers say about this.

Lending tree reviews


Though there are no reviews available on their official website, we could find some over the web. Most of these reviews convey that they had a great experience with the platform, which is highly recommended.

Everyone included in the process is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. You can’t face any inconvenience or discomfort throughout your journey with them, say reviews.

Final Verdict

The company has 25 years of experience and holds a trust score of 75%. Also, there are positive highlights from lending tree reviews, which regard the company as reliable all over the web. As we couldn’t find any issue, we may say this is considerable.


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