We are here with a detailed guideto acquaint you with the entire procedure so that you can go about the process without much trouble. Planning on availing of the services provided by synchrony and wondering how to verify your account to get started? 

With the rise of numerous institutions across the United States that strive to provide financial services, it has become very difficult to choose the most reliable option among the plethora of choices. One needs to very careful about whom they choose to trust with their hard-earned money, and that is why we are here to let you know about all the services they offer, what are their user reviews and they are legit or not. Continue reading to find out each detail.

What is synchrony?

The online platform Synchrony is a top consumer financial Assistance Company providing services to users based in the United States. They present customized financing programs as per the customer’s needs across multiple domains that include retail, health, travel, and home, along with prestigious consumer banking products. 

The team at Synchrony is equipped with extensive industry expertise, actionable data insights, creative resolutions, and distinguished digital experiences to enhance the progress of each business that they strive to serve. To gain more knowledge, the users can visit their webpage at 

Follow these very simple steps to go about the verification process.

How to verify details using

  • Make sure the device has an active internet connection for a successful activation process.
  • Then visit the website on your device and let it load.
  • They follow a very rigid verification process that users need to follow using their online mobile device verification process.
  • The users need to upload a 5-second video of them using their phone’s cameras, to begin with, the verification process.
  • After completing the video verification, the users need to take some photos of their IDs then.
  • Then they need to click photos using the phone of the front and back.
  • Then continue to upload the photos and proceed with the final step.
  • Make sure the ID is valid and government-recognized proof, such as the driver’s license.
  • For any queries at any stage, call customer support at 866-419-4096.

What are the user reviews?

The major concerns raised by several people that

  • They have a very limited number of branches across the United States to provide their services at all locations.
  • The second major issue raised has been the lack of a vast ATM network across the country for customers to locate them easily.
  • The bank also fails to provide any checking account options to its customers. 

Even though people have expressed their satisfaction with the stringent policies followed during the verification process on, these issues need to be addressed by them to improve their services and provide a satisfactory customer experience. 

They need to work harder to be every household name. We suggest very carefully reading all of their terms, conditions, and policies before associating with them.

Are they legit?

The users preferred them due to their high yield deposit products that cost no monthly fees; this means that any interest earned by the customers will not be deducted from the bank fees. The users can also open an account for as low as zero dollars, making it very hassle-free and desirable.

They have also partnered with hundreds of legit retailers and providers across the United States to provide financing services to their customers.

These efforts to provide considerate services t their customers make us believe in their legitimacy. The users need not visit branches as all the services are easily accessible online with extensive information.


They strive towards providing very satisfactory services to their customers, but they need to improve in many areas to achieve that goal. We would suggest doing background research and extensive analysis of their products and their services before any further association. 

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