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Are you looking for Majeland Reviews? Do not worry! We’re here to help you. Because of the pandemic, online shopping websites grew in popularity. Now that the threat is gone, we all want to spend time with the people we love. So if you’re wondering about ways to improve your lifestyle, is here to help you. This article will go through this online store so that you can buy with confidence. 

This online store is situated in the United States and sells a collection of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. Please read the entire article that contains all the information you want to know to determine whether this website is legit or a scam. 

What is is an official online store that sells clothing such as dresses, jumpsuits, tops, knitwear, pants, outwear, and accessories, as well as other items that appeal to their target audience. 

They offer discounts on almost all their items which makes them very special. All fashion enthusiasts can get the best clothing for themselves here. 


This website is incredibly appealing to buyers and has many potentials, but let’s take a look if it is legit or not?

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  • URL- www(dot)majeland(dot)com
  • Domain Creation Date- Tuesday 20th, April 2021 12:00 am
  • Website Popularity- 8749832 (Poor)
  • Domain Black-list Status- Not detected by any black-list engine
  • HTTPS Connection- Valid HTTPS Found
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites- 31/100
  • Threat Profile- 17/100
  • Phishing Score- 7/100
  • Malware Score- 17/100
  • Spam Score- 9/100
  • Delivery time- 1-5 business days
  • Email- service@
  • Payment methods like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are available.
  • Company Name- EUSOGO Ltd
  • Registration Number- 10506135
  • Company Address- Flat 14 Copenhagen Court, Yeoman Street, London, United Kingdom, SE8 5ER (this is not a returning address)

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Pros of

  • Data leakage is impossible. 
  • Refunds and returns are available.
  • Secure connection.
  • Shipment and delivery information are all available on the website.
  • ‘Add to cart is also available.
  • Worldwide shipping is available!
  • They also offer discounts on various items.
  • They have many options in payment methods.
  • ‘Register’ and ‘Login’ options are available.
  • Depending on the item(s) you purchase and the location to which the items will be delivered, different shipping methods will be available.
  • Available on Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Cons of

The shop is new.

Majeland Reviews are not available on the internet.


Not a lot of people know about it.

The quality of the items is questionable.

Extra charges may apply on express shipping.

Customer service is inadequate.


It does not have a lot of business experience.

Website popularity is below average.

There is no mention of delivery charges.

Is legit or not?

The scam detector gave this website a trust index of 48.6%, which tells us that caution is mandatory before buying anything from this website. The cons of this website tell us that it has to make changes to grow in business. 

It is not the appropriate moment to pass judgment as it was built 4 months ago. As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is temporarily dubious. Customer reviews are a crucial aspect in determining a website’s credibility. 


However, we were unable to locate any for this website. This makes it extremely difficult for this website to promote the services/products, get customers to buy them, use them, and then have time to give reviews. As a result, answering the question “Is legit or not?” is not possible at this point.

What are customers’ Majeland Reviews?

It was only recently that it was registered. This makes it practically impossible for a brand-new website to launch, promote its services, attract the customers to buy them, then use them, and then take the time to post online reviews. 

We recommend that you wait a few months and allow the buyers to express their thoughts so that you may shop safely from the store.


Indeed, significant lines such as score, not many Majeland Reviews,no market experience, bad trust rank, and crucial elements make it difficult for the customers to buy from this website. But we have to say that they have discounts on almost all their products. 

So, that can attract the customers. We have given you information about this online store so that you can draw your judgments.


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