McAfee Crypto Fraud

Are you wondering what the entire story is behind the McAfee crypto fraud and don’t know what exactly cryptocurrency is? Don’t worry; we have got all these topics covered in this article to address your queries with detailed answers.

The United States based businessman John McAfee has been in the news for several reasons throughout his journey. Even after his death recently, he has continued to be the talk of the town on the most complex topic today, called cryptocurrency.

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Who is John McAfee?


John McAfee is a British-American businessman, a very successful computer programmer, and a political figure. He is a two-time presidential candidate for the elections in the United States.

He owes his considerable success to the anti-virus software he created in 1987 and founded McAfee associations to sell his invention. He has always been created enough buzz in the news throughout his journey for various reasons. He was found dead on 23 June 2021 due to alleged suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell in Barcelona, Spain. He has been recently in the news due to McAfee crypto fraud.

We have curated a detailed table to provide you with further specifications of John McAfee:

Full nameJohn David McAfee
Birth placeCinder ford, Gloucestershire, England
Birth dateSeptember 18, 1945
Death 23 June, 2021
Age75 years
Cause of deathSuicide by hanging in his prison cell.
occupationBusinessman Computer programmer Politician
Business venturesMcAfee Associations Tribal Voice Powwow QuorumEx-2012 Future Tense Central-2013

What is McAfee crypto fraud in detail?

John McAfee and his bodyguard Jimmy Gale Watson Jr. were hurled with accusations stating that they promoted cryptocurrency on the former’s Twitter page by presenting inflated prices.


Mr. McAfee was not available to comment on these allegations as he was serving his prison time in Spain back then. In contrast, his accomplice Mr. Watson was arrested on valid charges.

They have been accused of purchasing the cryptocurrency assets and then promoting them on McAfee’s Twitter account, which has a user base of more than a million followers. They sold the assets as soon as the endorsement made the prices soar, as per the reports on McAfee crypto scam.

They made millions of dollars from these cryptocurrency endorsements on Twitter. The alleged amount has been mentioned to be about $11 million.

These false advertisements have received enthusiastic investors and exploited their clout on social media handles. Mr. McAfee was earlier accused of income tax evasion for around 4 years.

What is Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is creating abuzz across the globe due to its very profitable business and profits that it has been providing since its inception. It is the independent currency that is not controlled by any world politics or government, such as the United States currency dollar or other currencies such as the euro. 

Cryptocurrency is used to buy goods and services. They are also being preferred as a great form of investment with considerable profits as a return.

They have their own sets of rules that regulate it globally and are available to every individual to purchase or invest in. 

The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Bitcoin can be used to pay for any goods or services and can be transferred directly to the receiver’s bitcoin address. Each business of transaction is public and on an open domain. Bitcoins are very much in request due to their limited availability, durability, and profitability. The total number of bitcoins will never exceed more than 21 million. 


The digital currency market is never stable and fluctuates considerably almost every day. It is necessary to have a detailed idea about its working before investing in it. It is a comparatively new asset because awareness regarding it among users is very scarce. 

Everyone can educate themselves about cryptocurrency with the abundance of information available online and through professional consulting services available in the United States. Always beware and aware of the market trends before making any considerable investments to avoid any undesirable situation. 


Hoping all your queries regarding the McAfee crypto fraud were answered in this article. It is always advisable to research at your end rather than trusting the words of these influential personalities. For better insight, always recommend trusted professionals in this line of business. Mr. McAfee has been in a negative light for many years now, and with this fraud in the news, his legacy has been even further affected.

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