manipal hospital whitefield review

Manipal hospital Whitefield review


Did you hear about the Manipal hospital Whitefield review? We have to be very careful about choosing our hospital carefully to get the best treatment.


Many hospitals are available, but they are not efficient and give the best treatment to their patients. The medical industries are exponentially growing, and many medical infrastructures are developing simultaneously. 

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It is an India-based medical hospital. Mainly it is situated in Bangalore. We examine all infrastructure and every hospital service and portray it here in this article to help you.

What is Manipal hospital Whitefield? 

Manipal hospital Whitefield is one of the most famous hospitals in Bangalore. They claimed they have the best medical facilities and infrastructure, and they have many such categorized departments for all kinds of illnesses. 

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They claimed their orthopedic section is one of the best ones and has many different sections available in this category. To your help, we present a detailed list of all open areas of this hospital:

  • Oncology.
  • Orthopedic care.
  • Pathology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Cardiology.
  • Child care sector
  • Cardiovascular surgery sector.
  • Gastrointestinal sections.
  • Liver transplantation section.
  • Neurology sectors.
  • Gynecology sectors.
  • Rheumatology.
  • Spine care sectors.
  • Urology sections.

All these sectors are available on their website with their specialist doctors’ names and contact details. 

What are the unique features of their websites?

In this Manipal hospital Whitefield review, we add a more insightful view. 

  • They add Vaccinations sectors for the help of their patients.
  • Separate section for health care over there.
  • They enlisted all doctor’s details in their list and provided all their numbers and specialization to ease the work of patients and their families.


  • Category: Hospital.
  • Hospital address: 143, 212puramhoobli, odd hoodie village, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka–560066.
  • Contact Number: 0802 502 7000. (you can contact the same number if you have any doctor queries) 
  • Email address: No valid information is visible available on their website.
  • NewsletterAvailable.
  • Specialty availability: Over 50 plus services available.
  • Numbers of doctors: 2000 plus experienced doctors are available.

What are the positive facts about the Manipal hospital?

To clarify the positive facts about the Manipal hospital Whitefield review, we present all positive facts here:

  • They provide health check sections to help all patients.
  • All types of specialist doctors are available.
  • There is also lab access to know all test reports instantly.
  • They also allow you to book appointments through the website.
  • They also admit international patients via their particular portal of international patients.
  • Home health care facilities are also available.

What are the cons about the Manipal hospital?

  • The charges are expensive as compared to others of the Manipal hospital is a bit high.
  • Sometimes they respond a bit late for the outrageous conditions among patients.

Is this hospital clean and preferrable?

  • As per the data available this hospital is entirely safe, and clean with 90% trustworthy scores.
  • They have several branches over the Indian community.

What is the customer’s opinion on the Manipal hospital Whitefield review?

On the otherhand, after much research, we found several good comments and good words from their patients. They spread good rumors about this hospital on the Internet.

Alisha said, 


“I recommend this hospital to all of my friends. Their services and diagnosis are up to the mark and accurate.”

Isabel said, 


“Their orthopedic section and department are great and have the best infrastructure among all. It cures my illness and pain, and the behavior of staff and their doctors are excellent.”

Samantha said, 

“Whenever I need to go to the hospital, I choose them overall. Their services are great and worth spending money on. Their cardiology sections are doing well, and doctors are experienced above ten years.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 90%
Social media presence Yes 
Customer opinion Yes 

At last, we try to cover all important points within this Manipal hospital Whitefield review. Expectedly it will help you know everything about it, and this hospital is an accurate one.

However you can drop your comments and tell us your thoughts. (All the info is based on available data over the internet)

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