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Latest 2022 · ‎Is Microsoft redeem code free? Sign in to the official page of Microsoft with your Microsoft account, enter the 25-character code.

Most of the big E-Commerce launch their gift cards and suggest various methods for their redemption. 

This article has given all the information required in the above process. Microsoft is one of the most trusted brands in the United States, and millions of people use it every day for their work, entertainment, and commercial purposes. Read the to know more about Microsoft codes.

Redeem Code Generator

About Microsoft redeem code


The balance cards from Microsoft can get bought from any online store for your loved ones to get anything they want from the balance available on it. Buying them comes with a few perks. 

Like they are not restricted to any expiration for extra fees. It can get used for purchasing games, app, accessories, movies subscription to shows, and other hardware devices from Xbox One. Continue reading to know more about Microsoft Redeem code free.

Must you know that these cards are not valid for walk-in stores of Microsoft? It can only get utilized for online purchases. Once on the official website, follow the prompts and enter your 25 character unique ID to link your card. 

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Then get your balance credited into your account. If you own multiple accounts, check the one you are transferring into your money because this is not transferable.

How to redeem a Microsoft gift card?

For Microsoft Redeem code free, follow the guideline given below:

  • You are expected to use a Microsoft device with a Wi-Fi network to begin this process.
  • Use your browser and search for this link in the designated box. Wait for some time till the page loads.
  • Now go through all the the the data present on it to analyze the services in a better manner.
  • You will be prompted to enter the 25 unique combination character codes on your card.
  • Perform the steps mentioned by the website and, your card will get redeemed.
  • After that, all of your balance will get credited into your account on windows. Do not forget to check your balance to verify the credited amount.
  • Now, you can use this to buy any item from the online store. For those who want to redeem their cards on a window 10 device. Begin by from the taskbar and clicking on the Microsoft store.
  • Choose the find more option from the menu near the search icon. Now click on the redeem code tool.
  • You will be prompted to enter 25 unique combination character codes on your card and press redeem.

We have analyzed the whole procedure and, you will get your balance transferred into your account by using this method. (Please continue reading Microsoft Redeem code free)

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Is Microsoft Redeem code free?

As we all know, Microsoft is a highly trustable and legitimate company. This website was affiliated with the brand and was responsible for all the purchased cards services. 


Robux Generator

If you are unsure whether your card got redeemed or not, you can go to the history of order to check the credited balance. You can easily find all the details regarding the linked number, usage, and redemption of your card. 

Your card got successfully linked if your redeem digit is listed under the payment method toolbar. The website makes sure all the balance from your card gets applied to the account to help you buy anything from the online store. 

Some of the cards get issued for a particular game or website. These get added to my library tool for instant use whenever you need them. It will redirect you to the brand linked to help you download or purchase the item.

User’s feedback?


We could not locate any specific Review that commented on Microsoft redeem code free. But there were plenty of positive reviews about all the Microsoft services and gift cards. 

It is a well-known and trustworthy company that stands on its promises and tries to provide world-class service to its customers in the United States.


Is Microsoft Redeem code free? It is an authentic website to transfer all your card balance into your Microsoft account to use anytime you want. All the brick-and-mortar stores of Microsoft have stopped accepting these cards for payment. 

So, it gets used for online store purchases.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.


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