Taxi Scam

Full information regarding a Taxi scam? As per the information, more than one person was involved in such an inappropriate crime. >> (2022) Read full detail.

No matter how vigilant you be with your credit/debit cards and finances. Scammers always find a way to trick you into their trap and take advantage of your little carelessness.

The United States has been under a surge of many taxi frauds. It has become a growing concern for people and, some have faced financial losses and reported them to the authorities. We are here to beware of this scam and help you figure out the fraud. Read further to know more.

About taxi scam


Certain people in Canada reported fake taxis circulating in states to scam people by stealing their cards. They have optimized a procedure that does not let the customers doubt their authenticity. 

This case got registered under the police department and, they are regularly issuing warnings against them. Beware people of their tactics.

Types of scams you may face?

There are two fraudulent involved in the act. One is the driver acting like he cannot take cash as payment. Most of the time, he would suggest it is against pandemic guidelines. 


The rest of the plan is carried out by a second scammer impersonating a passenger. He goes out on the street to get help from strangers. Generally, he will ask them to use their debit/ credit card in return for reimbursement with paper money. The most crucial part of a taxi scam is to agree to any stranger for payment.

When you agree to do so, the taxi driver will take your card and swipe it on tampered POS which, will save the unique PIN. Then, he will swap it with a similar-looking fake card to make sure you do not get suspicious.

Now the Scammers have your card and PIN to use in any way they want. Generally, they will empty your finances immediately.

How to avoid getting scammed?


Taxi scam has become prevalent during COVID because they have a genuine reason to avoid cash payment. Most of the unaware and kind people fall for their tactics. 

Here are some points to avoid getting scammed:

  • Avoid making credit/ debit payments for any stranger.
  • Whenever you use a POS terminal for the transaction, make sure you handle the card yourself. Remember to remove the card before returning the POS to the merchant or other party.
  • Configure tap to pay setting and cards for small payments. In this method, no use of PIN gets required.
  • Never leave the payment to the booth before getting your bill receipt.
  • Use your daily spend limit setting to put boundaries on everyday purchases. It will save you from loss, even if your card gets stolen.
  • Use an online payment app that instantly notifies you of withdrawal. It will help you identify suspicious behavior snd you can immediately report it to your bank.
  • Try to contact your bank in case of any fraud or mishap.

Instant action you should take if you are a victim of this scam?

The first step is to contact your financial services provider to make sure you can get insurance on your loss. Report this scam to your local police or Anti-Fraud Centre for help. 


If they have any prior information about the scammers, they can help you. Spread awareness to beware your family and friends from getting scammed.


Concluding, Taxi drivers use various tricks to scam you and get extra payment. Every citizen well knows some common ways. But this is taxi scam steals your identity and empties your finances. Older people in the United States get scammed because they are not well aware of these tricks. 

However, we will recommend you spread awareness among your friends and relatives. Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.


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