Review Review? Music is a unique way to express your feelings and emotions with art. It is a thread that connects people all over the globe. No matter what culture community you live in, we all have the tradition of music and singing that joins us into one family.

If you are a music artist in the United States, this is a lifetime opportunity to feature your creation in big brands like Netflix, sony pictures, etc. Here we are given all the necessary information about this website and its correspondence. Read the to know more.

What is

It is a music site for all the artists interested in getting their creations distributed, promoted, published, licensed, and featured in pig brands like Sony, Netflix, UK music, Chelsea, Westend films, etc. It is a and independent record company and, you can join for free without any charges are details of your credit card.

This company syncs best music industry jobs and opportunities from Los Angeles, London, and NYC with independent pop artists from all corners of the globe. You can access unlimited jobs opportunity and collaboration with any brand.


One of the most important advantages of their website is that you can retain a hundred percent of your royalties and copyrights. The platform generates revenue from sync fees of the production.

It can have your music promoted on the best platforms of the internet like Spotify, radio, Apple music, and TV. It amplifies popularity and helps you reach a fan base.

They have many other features available on the website to help you throughout the procedure. Continue reading to know more about Review.

How to use

Here is a detailed procedure to help you get the best jobs in the music industry to enhance your career. Follow to sign in and start:

  • Start by using a device with an active internet connection.
  • Go to their official website through any browser of your choice.
  • Read all the points present on the homepage and get a better insight into their services.
  • You will see a join now tool to start the signup procedure.
  • Click it!
  • We will see an application form on the next page. Fill in all the entries correctly and create your profile on the domain.
  • Now you can see various offers from different brands on the website.
  • Apply for any suitable job by presenting your work. Mention all details asked by them.
  • Wait for some time to let them evaluate all the applicants and get back to you.

For more details on Music Gateway mastering, you can contact them on the curator on:

  • phone number +1 (833) 644 1108 (USA) or +44 (0) 20 4509 9090 (UK).
  • The email address for customer care is support@musicgateway(dot)com.

Is music gateway safe?

Music creators are always vulnerable to copyright issues. Some get threatened by getting their creations stolen. So many people are vigilant while associating with any new website.

We have done a comprehensive analysis to help you find if the music curator is legitimate. The best way to find credibility is by going through the Review.

They have given all the information required for a trustable source. All the services provided by them are free of cost. It is an advantage because you do not need to spend any cash.


They have collaborated with the best indie artists in the past and helped them reach huge brands around the world. review?

We came across responses on multiple open sources as well as on the official website. There are many positive music gateway mastering reviews, where many people have found jobs and got recognized for their talents. It has received 4 out of 5 stars on verified reviews platforms.

Users say they are a professional, helpful, and fast responding company. All of their services, terms, and policies are transparent. It is a complete pleasure to work with them.

We came across some disgruntled users in the United States charged by the company and, they outrageously accused the domain of a complete scam. The organization tries to benefit from struggling artists.


They promise to get the song released within a short period and ask for a handsome amount. But, eventually, failed to deliver their promise. We will highly recommend our readers go through these testimonials carefully before affiliating with them.


After going through the Review, we are not confident about their services and claims. They have mentioned links for all the social media handles. You can visit them to get a better insight before making any final decision.

Social mediaYes
Trust scoreNot specified
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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