Night Owl Security Camera Reviews

In this write-up, we will talk about night owl security camera reviews. It is an unsponsored article. Whenever we think about the safety of the house, the store, or any place, the first thing that strikes our minds is camera placement. Security cameras are now found in almost most of the homes and markets. But, which one to choose is still a big question.

Night owl security cameras are designed in such a way that they will capture the live footage of your property 24/7. It is manufactured in the United States. Let us see more details about the product.

About night owl security cameras

It is a security camera company that enables the customers to get insights into their property all the time. It will monitor all the activities of the home. 


The company was established in 2009 by a night owl home security manufacturer who invented the user-friendly camera. let us see night owl security camera reviews later.

There is a wide range of cameras available by the night owl company. These are as follows:

  • Wired cameras
  • Network video recorder
  • Wireless system

Brief description of Types of Night Owl Security Cameras:

We have already mentioned the type of cameras, now let us see the details:

  1. Wired cameras- it is divided into DVR and NVR systems. The Digital video recording system is cheap and has two sensors. It requires many wire connections for the connectivity of the cameras. NVR has precise image performance and has fewer wire connections related to DVR, and it is a bit costly compared to DVR
  • Wireless security cameras- These are wireless security cameras with no wire connections. Customers can choose as per their desire. It consists of recorded videos on the phone application or desktop.
  • Other cameras– there are different types of cameras in this range, like the smart doorbell and panoramic cameras.

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What are the unique features of night owl cameras?

There are multiple features available in the night owl camera range which enhance the customer’s experience and give the best outcome. 

There are night owl security camera reviews available:

  1. Face recognition- There is a unique face recognition feature in the cameras. Even if the person is standing 10 feet away, the camera will capture the person’s face. It also has this unique system where you can fill in the names of the looks, and the camera will detect the familiar face and the stranger.
  2. A unique built-in motion can be identified in the night owl cameras where the camera can recognise the intruder’s face even if it is dark at night with no lights.
  3. Communication is also possible with night owl cameras, and you can directly communicate with the guests outside the home.
  4. L2 colour boost technology enables the viewer to see the transparent black and white picture, making the image even more precise and visible at night. (Please continue reading for Night owl security camera reviews).
  5. You can view the security cameras anytime and anywhere. The application allows the viewer to locate the event of the property from anywhere.
  6. The cameras are climate resistant, which means mild weather conditions would not affect the cameras.
  7. There are two sensors available that enable the camera to record any event that will be strange. 
  8. The night owl camera has a voice assistance feature where you can directly give commands to the camera, like rotation or recording. 

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What are the working procedures of night owl cameras?


Night owl offers an application for camera watching. You can directly control the working of the camera through your mobile phone.

The company provides the entire establishment of the camera to the desired location. It consists of expert’s technician for the installation of the cameras.

For installing the camera, a location survey is seen for the appropriate fixing.

Night owl security camera reviews


We have seen several mixed reviews of the night owl. So many customers in the United States have complained about the late reply from the night owl customer care service, which the customers criticised.

Night owl is not even certified through BBB. The ratings are also poor because of the customer service. But few users have given good ratings and are satisfied with the product.


We have given all the relevant information about night owl security camera reviews. Although the night owl has provided most of the features, still they have issues with their customer’s service. We would still recommend this product to our readers if they look for security cameras. 

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