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Everyone is aware of the world’s famous game Pubg. It is one of the most played games all over the world. Today with this article, we will inform you about Pmplsea. Com where you get the brief details about Pubg.



This game has been played by billions of people in the Philippines, India, the United States, and many more country people around the world. It is a mobile accessible game and can be easily downloaded. In this game, each multiplayer attacks the other and kills the other groups till they are killed. The game was not famous when it was launched. All age groups of people can play this game.

What is Pubg. com?


Pubg or Players Unkown Battle Ground is the multiplayer online video game founded in the year 2017. Microsoft Studios first released the game for the Xbox One. It is a free game and can play on Android phones and I-phones. It is one of the bestselling games worldwide. The game was created by Brendan. Pmplsea.Com (pubg mobile pro league) gives you brief details about Pubg teams, schedule, standings, news, transfers, etc.

The game has side effects also. One boy killed himself because of the game. So many crimes have happened due to this game. The worst thing about playing this game is you can’t stop playing it. Others players keep trying to win the game. It affects daily routine activities also.


Let’s discuss some Pubg events that recently took place with the Prize money of USD 150,000 in the below segment.

Pubg Event and Match details 2020:

  • Series: PUBG Mobile Pro League
  • Type: Online mode
  • Location: Southeast Asia.
  • Teams Participating: 16, i.e., are: YodoGank, Secret Jin, RRQ Athena, POWER888 KPS, AerowalfLimax, Aura Esports, Bigerton RA, Team SMG, Geek Fam, Team Secret, Box Gaming, Xavier Team, V gaming, Iconic PH, Yangon Galacticos, ALL-Star Team Puyat.
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Start date: 23th Oct 2020
  • End Date:25th Oct 2020
  • Prize :$150,000 USD

Upcoming Events 2021 details:

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Organizer: PUBG Corporation Ten cent Games.
  • Number of participating teams: 16
  • Start date: 21th May 2021
  • End Date:23th May 2021
  • Mode of playing: Mobile 
  • Prize: $2000 USD

Who won the PUBG Event Match 2020?

TSM Entity has declared the Pubg Winner for the year 2020. The team has won a cash price worth 20 00,000. It was a tough fight for the second position, but in the end, Fnatic has received the second position, and Mayhem placed the third position.



At last, we can say that Pmplsea. Com is a good website for entertainment and fun activity for gamers. Still, it should be played limited. Otherwise, it will not only affect the students’ studies but also harmful for the relations. It has a large fan base in the Philippines on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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