Pocket FM VIP Membership Free | Download APK 2022

Get pocket fm vip membership free? If you are looking for how to get the free membership and take the benefits, read this informative article.

Recently a new name bounced on the industry, which is pocket fm. They have a vast collection of audio stories and podcasts. There are different features available, and they offer every story of different genres. There are various facts which are not available publicly till now. That’s why we are coming up with this article.

What is pocket FM VIP?


Here we are going to share everything on pocket FM VIP membership free. Nut before that, we have to know about the primary platform. This platform also worked as a standard streaming platform but for audio streaming.

They include a large number of genres in their list. We also share everything below to let you know a better picture.

  • Love
  • Sci-fi
  • Horror
  • Evocative
  • Inspiration
  • Songs
  • Audiobooks

In all these categories, one can find many options to listen to different kinds of podcasts and stories. Also, they have an extensive library of all types of songs in other languages, including vernacular languages.



  • Category: Audio story streaming platform
  • Subscriptions price: 399 every year
  • Payment options: all kind of payment options is available but online.
  • Restrictions: no age restrictions are found.


  • As per reports, ten thousand plus audio and podcasts are available.
  • The official application is available on all kinds of app stores and devices.
  • Various Subscriptions plan are open. One can access their preferable one.
  • The process of accessing this platform is easy.
  • Also, this offers quality content, and they supervised the content before publishing it on their platform.

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  • The premium membership prices are high, and sometimes many people find different adult content, but there are no age restrictions on pocket fm vip membership free.

How to buy pocket FM membership plans on VIP?


Here we will share the actual buying plan for the vip access.

  • Open the application
  • Visit the library tab option
  • You can see a vip member option in the golden letter on that platform.
  • Once you click on the banner, you get two different options.
  • Choose whether vip or premium, though we are shortly sharing how to unlock pocket fm vip membership free.
  • Click buy on the plan
  • They will redirect you to the payment portal
  • Complete the payment options with your preferred method.
  • Please wait till the end and till they show successful the result.
  • Once they offer it successfully, you can leave the pages.

How to get a pocket FM VIP membership free?

Now, let’s How to get the subscription for free:

  • To get membership as a significant issue, download the Pocket FM App Google PlayStore.
  • Install / Open Pocket FM Application> Get Started Now
  • Click Continue with Phone Number and Verify OTP
  • Select Preferred Language> Fill in Your Basic Profile Details
  • In the meantime, successfully set up an Account
  • We, Will, Listen, Listen to Unlimited AudioBooks and Podcasts Now
  • You Can Enjoy Unlimited Entertainment but Still Free 2 Episodes A Day And Buy VIP Pocket Membership And Play Unlimited Audio Books And Podcasts.es
  • Select your stories, Audiobooks, and Podcasts
  • Play Now AudioBooks Your Favorite News
  • Finish Playing Free Episode
  • Open 2 free episodes tomorrow (Without purchasing a Pocket FM VIP membership)

Is this Pocket FM legit?

After letting you know about pocket fm vip membership free. We are now enlightening the fact is it a legit platform or not. However, all of them are positive and have a satisfying outcome. No suspicious activities are spotted, and all recommendations are genuine.


People are showering good words about this platform and sharing their great experiences on the internet. After judging all these points, we mark this platform as legit with a 75% trust score. All social media handles seem to be accurate.


Parameters  Remark 
Trust score 75%
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes

Here is everything about this pocket fm vip membership. For one who loves to listen to different Podcasts and AudioBooks, this is a perfect platform to explore new things. We also marked it legit after a lot of analysis. Though this platform charges money, you still enjoy it free sometimes.

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