Rblx.land? Roblox has become one of the most famous games in the world and, people love to modify their characters by buying customized accessories and attire. These get paid through the in-game currency Robux. It claims to give it to you for free.

Robux gets purchased through real cash on Roblox but, it is not very pocket-friendly for every person in the United States. Therefore many players search for free ways to generate it. This reckless behavior can lead you into a troublesome situation, so you must do a background check before affiliating with them.

What is rblx.land?


It is an online portal claiming to give free Robux by completing some tasks. They do not charge any fees or ask for your personal information. Some features of the platform:

  • You only need to give your username. Then perform the tasks by themselves to get free Robux.
  • It hosts many referrals, offers, giveaways, and online job offers.
  • They have mentioned having completed 300,000 offers.
  • More than 1,000,000 free Robux has been gifted to the users.
  • You can visit their social media accounts to get more information and codes.
  • It has large numbers of posts on all platforms and a very engaging feed.
  • On Instagram, it has more than 307k followers.
  • The domain got launched recently. Therefore, many people doubt its legitimacy but, several positive reviews claim to have received free Robux.
  • It has partnered with several games and other brands like adgate media, offerToro, ascend media, and many more.
  • The tasks are given by these platforms and, you can earn free Robux by completing them.

How to get free Robux?

Are you looking for an easy way to get free Robux? Follow these steps:

  • Start by using any device connected to a wifi network or active internet connection.
  • Go to the web browser and search rblx.land in the designated box.
  • Give it some time to load.
  • Now go through the entire homepage.
  • You will see a login option. Put your username in it and press continue.
  • Then, you need to select the device you are using by choosing the symbol of the operator.
  • They do not ask you for your password or any credit card information for payment.
  • Now select the amount of Robux you wish to own.
  • You will see a list of tasks present on your screen.
  • Select the task and follow the prompts to complete it.
  • They can ask you to fill in a quiz or install and run any app, watch some clips or join any group.
  • Once done, you will go to the reward page. Here you can choose the method to receive free Robux. It can be through promo codes, referrals, or direct withdrawal.
  • Select any one of them and, you’ll receive free Robux.
  • You may go to the official webpage of Roblox to confirm the increase in your account.

We have gone through the whole process and followed every step.

Is it a legitimate website to get free Robux?

Rblx.land is like many other websites that claim to give free Robux with some red flags. But, many positive reviews suggest it to be an authentic source. Its Social media presence is good and, there are thousands of pf people who believe in their claims. The owner is unknown so, you might doubt their authenticity. The platform offers some online jobs in the United States, which is common among scamming domains.


It has a high trust score of 81%, which shows that it is a safe platform. But there is no guarantee that you will receive any free Robux. Most websites ask users to fill in surveys and download apps that collect money from advertisers. They gain a lot from your tasks but give nothing in return. This website has a lot of traffic which makes it a well-known domain among the Roblox players. You may visit the website and follow the steps mentioned above to get free Robux.

Reviews on the website

There is no reviews section on the website but, they have mentioned giving more than 1,000,000 Robux till now. Their Social media has many free promo codes for characters and free Robux. You can find them and use them to get free accessories. We found multiple customer feedback on open platforms. Most of the reviews were negative and, some even outrageously call it a scam.


Some positive reviews were also present where people claimed to have benefitted from this website. One of the user responses stated that rblx.land gains dollars from every task performed by the players but only rewards them with a few cents. Due to a mixed response, we cannot judge the credibility of the domain.


Most of the websites claiming to give free money and rewards come under the suspicious radar. You must read some reviews and do a background check before affiliating with them. Go to the social media handles of this website and use the promo code present on it to justify their offers.

Social mediaYes
Trust score81%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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